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G. Love & Special Sauce Live In-Studio 4.13.2014

G. Love – Too Much Month (Live at KFMU) G. Love – Nothin Quite LIke Home (Live @ KFMU) G. Love – Bad Girl Baby Blues (Live @ KFMU)

PSA Submission

KFMU welcomes PSA’s from non-profit organizations and government agencies in Routt and Moffat County to air on KFMU 104.1/105.5 KFMU cannot guarantee all announcements will air, however every attempt will be made to accommodate submitted PSAs. All submissions are on a first come, first served basis. If you would like guaranteed placement, please email [email protected] …Read More

Todd Lodwick named U.S. flag bearer for Sochi Opening Ceremony

The United States has chosen six-time Olympian and Steamboat Springs native Todd Lodwick to be the team’s flag bearer at Friday’s opening ceremony for the Sochi Games.

It’s gold or bust for the Golds

Snowboarder Taylor Gold waited with baited breath as Arielle stood at the top of the pipe. He had already qualified for his first Olympic Games, but he couldn’t celebrate until he knew his sister, Arielle, was going with him. Growing up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, there are more Olympians than Starbucks, but sibling Olympians? That’s a little bit less common.

Tips to hiking in Colorado (advanced)

Tips for the advanced and experienced hiker.

The 5 best Colorado areas for fall foliage viewing

Top destinations in Colorado to see fall foliage.

Hiking to burn calories

Everyone knows the importance of exercise. Walking is a great and easy way to get your exercise.

Tips to hiking in Colorado (intermediate)

This article will highlight three important tips to hiking in Colorado.

Selecting a Hiking Partner

Careful selection and questioning of new hiking partners will afford you the time and resources to make important (and potentially critical) decisions on a hike easier.

Finding a hike in Colorado

It may just be one of the best problems to have, how do I find a good hiking trail?

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