This year at the Vail Film Festival there are a number of must watch films and within the documentary category Out of the Ashes is one story you won’t want to miss, especially with the very impressive members of the film in attendance.

Out of the Ashes Trailer from TJ Gonzalez on Vimeo.

In a sit down with director, Susan Saltz we had the privilege of hearing first hand about Prince and Grace, two young men with a passion for education and a mission to better their home, the DR Congo.

Out of the Ashes follows Prince and Grace from the DR Congo to their senior year of high school in Orange County, California. Saltz explains how their journey from the war torn streets of eastern DR Congo to the privilege, opportunity, and waste in the USA was culture shock in two directions. In our conversation she says how the boys were impressed by the opportunities for education and the functionality of our infrastructure but at the same time struggled with the hyper individualistic elements of our culture as well as the wastefulness of our resources (specifically in regard to food being thrown away).

These young men were so hungry for an education that they’d walk miles to and from the school where they weren’t allowed inside because they couldn’t pay for the opportunity to learn by watching through the windows. Their hunger for education wasn’t far from selfish it was their decided first step in making a difference in their home and in Out of the Ashes we have the opportunity to see just how their struggles and successes have begun to unfold.

Watch the world premiere of Out of the Ashes at the 2016 Vail Film Festival this Saturday, April 9th at 4:30pm followed by a Q&A.

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