Aug 24, 2012 all-day

AUDITIONS: August 24th from 5 – 7pm and August 25th from 10am – Noon.   Band Room at the Performing Arts Center at BMHS. (Please park in the East Lot and enter through Door #9).  Auditions are for Stephen Sondheim’s “Company”, a sweet, sarcastic, and occasionally too-close-to-home look at the marriages of 5 couples through the eyes of their single friend. For information on the show, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Company_%28musical%29 Auditions will occur in 15 minute blocks – If you are interested in auditioning, please rsvp to [email protected] with your chosen time on the audition date.  Walk-ins will also be accepted, but you may have to wait.  If you are unable to make the audition time, please contact [email protected] to make other arrangements. The Characters:  Ages could range from 21 – 60 Robert – The central character; his 35th birthday brings the group together The couples (all married except Amy and Paul) Sarah – Learning karate and has issues with food and dieting. Harry – Friendly and affable, but with a drinking problem. Susan – A gracious Southern belle who suffers from fainting spells Peter – Formerly Ivy League, possibly gay. Jenny – Sweet, but a bit square David – Chic and a bit controlling. Amy  – Neurotic, gets cold feet on her wedding day Paul  – Amy’s fiancé, Jewish, who has learned how to put up with her manic spells. Joanne  – Cynical and very acerbic. Only drinks with Robert. Larry – Joanne’s third husband. Sweet and understanding. The Girlfriends April  – A naive flight attendant. Self-described as “dumb” Marta – Hip and vulgar. Loves New York. Kathy  – A small town girl, Robert’s long-time on-off girlfriend.