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One of the Lesser Known WuTang Members – WuShock

With March Madness here can you name these 14 college mascots? WuShock, Wichita State Wichita State picked up the team name ‘Shockers’ in 1904 because many of the players also worked in the fields, harvesting or “shocking” wheat. WuShock — described as “a big, bad, muscle-bound bundle of wheat” — got the first part of …Read More

New Baseball Commissioner Considering reinstating Pete Rose

With opening day comes a sense of renewal and starting fresh – with the Rockies home opener less than a month away (April 10th) big things may be stirring at MLB HQ… Chris Cwik (Big League Stew) reports: New baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has only been on the job for two months, but he may …Read More

Great Heli Ski Giveaway follow up article

Thank you to Krista at the Summit Daily for this great write up!   Hope you had a shot!   After three hours of rapid-fire rock-paper-scissors tournament action at Lakeside Bowl on Friday, March 6, Dave Kupfermann, of Park County, was crowned the 2015 KSMT Great Heli Ski Giveaway champion….   Full Article Here

Madonna Dated Tupac Shakur – Just One Highlight from the Howard Stern/Madonna Interview

Here are another ten highlights from the epic 90-minute sitdown, which included discussions of Madonna’s childhood, her early New York years, past relationships with luminaries like Sean Penn and Warren Beatty, and her infamous fall at this year’s BRIT Awards. See all11 here. Listen to the entire interview here:

Shazam & Pacemaker Portable DJ – Apps to Work With Launch of Apple Watch

Launching April 25th the much-anticipated Apple Watch will offer 38 compatible apps including the music identification service Shazam and the app that lets you loop, drop, scratch & blend your favorite tracks – Pacemaker DJ. See the entire list of apps here. Here’s Pacemaker for iPad:

Seven Awesomely Nerdy Projects to Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day is here! And that means it’s time to celebrate one of mathematics’ most famous and mysterious numbers: the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. For those of you not in the know, that’s roughly 3.1415, or today! And what better way to celebrate your inner geek than with these seven nerdy …Read More

Psyched about ‘Psycho’ – listen to new Muse here!

The band’s seventh studio album is due for release on June 8 and ‘Psycho’ marks the first material fans have heard from the record. The album’s first official single, ‘Dead Inside’, will premiere on March 23. The 12-track LP will be released on June 8 and is the follow up to 2012’s ‘The 2nd Law’. …Read More

Stevie Wonder sides with Pharrell & Thicke

Stevie Wonder has commented on the ‘Blurred Lines’ vs ‘Got To Give It Up’ court case. The music legend says the court made the wrong decision. ‘I don’t think it’s a steal from Marvin Gaye,’ Wonder told TMZ. ‘I’ve been through lawsuits for songs and all that. I think that the groove is very similar …Read More

It’s almost Festival Season… How Much Will You Spend?

One of the best things about the onset of spring is planning out your festival season! Virginia Croft from Paste Magazine explores the real cost of these mega-shows. Kind on the ears, but certainly not the wallet, music festivals have been making monetary masochists out of the concertgoer for years. Easily lured in by outstanding …Read More

Show us YOUR KSMT! (40 Weeks of Giveaways)

Here is where we will be posting listener submitted photos for the rest of 2015! Submit your photos to win big – a prize pack every week. Details HERE

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