Event description

Date: Saturday, April 9th, 2016

Time: 12-5 p.m.

Location: 100-200 Blocks of Ridge Street, Breckenridge CO, 80424

Tickets: Starting at $27.50 (will go on sale in late 2015)


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(more to come; subject to change)


Tickets will be on sale in late 2015.


Event Guidelines


Bring yourself & your crew along with ID and your ticket on your phone or printed!!
  • Can I bring my pet? - No, this is a no pet event
  • Can I bring a tent? - NO
  • Can I bring lawn chairs & blankets? - No
  • Is there seating? -Limited
  • Can I bring a cooler? - No
  • Can I bring a water bottle? - Yes, you can bring an empty water bottle for water refills
  • Can I come & go as I please? - Yes
  • Can I bring a bag? - Yes, but it will be subject to a search.
  • Can I bring a camelback or boda bag? - Yes, empty.  Breweries will not fill these items for you.
  • Are recording devices allowed (video cameras, digital cameras, phones)? - Yes

The following items are not permitted in Festival Area:
  • Outside Alcohol or other Beverages
  • Bottles, cans, growlers or non-event cups
  • Smoking – no smoking within the event premises
  • Marijuana - Smoking marijuana in public is against the law
  • Food and drink purchased outside
  • Coolers
  • Frisbees
  • Any noise making devices, specifically air horns with sirens, whistles
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal drugs and alcohol
  • Weapons and dangerous devices of any type
  • Guests found in possession of contraband items will be subject to expulsion from the facility and the contraband items confiscated.
  • NO GLASS other than Festival approved glasses


This Festival is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all guests. All guests shall remain respectful and courteous to their fellow patrons and to comply with requests from Festival staff regarding Festival policies, emergency response procedures and behavior which impacts the event experience of fellow spectators. The Festival values the support of all guests and reserves the right to eject any guests for any reason, including not treating other guests attending the Festival with dignity and respect.

  • What if there’s inclement weather?
If a situation occurs where there is an emergency weather situation (lightning, extreme wind or other acts of god), the Festival reserves the right to temporarily suspend event operations & find shelter for guests and vendors.  If the situation occurs that this weather occurs for longer than a “temporary” situation, the Festival organizers reserve the right to close down the event for the safety of patrons. An alternate event attendance opportunity will be offered to ticket holders if this situation should occur more than 1 hour before event end time.  No refunds will be given.
  • What if I’ve lost my child?  
Please let your children know ahead of time that if they become lost, to go to the main event ticketing booth and tell one of the event staff or security. They can also find any event staff or security, or go into any store & the person they talk to will accompany them to the Ticketing area.  As soon as a ticketing person is assigned to your child, we’ll make announcements on stage until you’re reunited.
  • Is there a lost & found?
Yes at the ticketing booth. See policies below for specifics.
  • Will there be a medic on site?
Yes, there will be a red medic (EMS) tent staffed throughout the day if you have any issues.
  • What do I do if I’ve had too much to drink?
Please let an event security or staff know if you feel you’ve had too much to drink & don’t have a sober way to leave the event. We will work with you to handle the situation as best we can. Ideally, we will find you a safe ride home, or to get you some food or water until you’re feeling better. All patrons who we help in this manner will need to be checked out of the event by EMS, Security & Event Manager.


  • Photography & Videography
The permitted use of cameras varies by event. Entrance onto event premises provides the Festival with your consent for the Festival to use event photographs and videos for promotional purposes.
  • Carry in and Contraband Items
See above
  • Disorderly Conduct
Guests who fail to abide by Festival policies, state and federal law are subject to ejection from the facility. Guests in violation of Festival policy will be asked to correct their behavior, if they fail to do so in a timely fashion ejection will occur.
  • Overindulgence
The Festival and location maintains the right to question guests who appear to have overindulged.  We will work with you to handle the situation as best we can. Ideally, we will find you a safe ride home, or to get you some food or water until you’re feeling better. All patrons who are identified will need to be checked out of the event by EMS, Security & Event Manager.  We understand this is a beer festival, but we ask you to please drink responsibly and have a safe & sober way home.
  • Ejections
Disruptive and problem Guests should be reported to event staff or security personnel immediately. Ejected Guests must vacate Festival property.
  • Firearms / Weapons
Guests are prohibited from bringing weapons into the Festival.
  • Lost and Found
Items found before, during, or after an event should be turned into the main ticketing area. Items will then be turned into Radiate Live, logged in and kept at the office for 30 days. Items may be passed to the local authority, donated to charity or disposed of at the discretion of management after 30 days.
  • Panhandling / Soliciting
Panhandling is not allowed at the Festival. Only Festival Authorized Vendors and Sponsors will be permitted in the event area.
  • Projectiles
The throwing of projectiles inside the Event area is prohibited.




  • Are there any gluten free beers or other alcohol options this year? - Yes, but at this time breweries are not confirmed.
  • Can I purchase beer from the breweries at the Festival? - No. Colorado law does not allow purchasing 6-packs, growlers or others at this event. You cannot leave the designated event area with alcohol.
  • I just want to hang out – can I buy a full beer or drink at the event? - No alcoholic drinks will be served at the event other than the tastings.
  • Will breweries run out of beer? - It’s possible they’ll run out of a certain kinds of brews, especially the most popular kinds, but beer will be available until the end of the event.
  • Will there be free water available at the event? - Yes
  • Are there drinks other than beer? - Vendors will have sodas & water for sale. Restaurants on Ridge Street will have drinks for sale but they cannot be brought into the event.
  • What food vendors will be there? TBA
  • What retail vendors will be there? TBA
  • What will the live entertainment be? TBA
  • How do I enter the costume contest? What are the rules? What are the prizes?  Information coming soon



For questions & concerns about the event, email [email protected].