HOW TO: Skin A Watermelon

skin a watermelon

Ready to blow some minds at this year’s Labor Day picnic?

Try this watermelon hack from a former NASA engineer to convince everyone that you can magically skin a watermelon.

Mark Rober, who now has a popular YouTube channel, shows how to do it, and promises it will take you about 10 minutes.

The trick is to find two watermelons that are of similar shape and size. Make a bunch of shallow cuts on one until there is no green left, and then smaller cuts to get rid of the remaining white layer. Use dishwashing pads to buff it up and smooth it out.

Take the second watermelon, and cut it in half, and then scoop out the watermelon inside — which you can also use for eating. Carve out both halves, and then slip the buffed-up first watermelon inside. Voila!

“It works for any sized watermelon, and you can get creative, too,” Rober says. It’s also easy to eat, since the rind has already been removed.

If you’re looking for multiple watermelon tricks to wow guests at your next outdoor fiesta, Rober — who posts fun science videos — previously showed viewers how to make a watermelon smoothie by using a drill and a coat hanger.