PSA Submission

KFMU welcomes PSA’s from non-profit organizations and government agencies in Routt and Moffat County to air on KFMU 104.1/105.5

KFMU cannot guarantee all announcements will air, however every attempt will be made to accommodate submitted PSAs. All submissions are on a first come, first served basis. If you would like guaranteed placement, please email [email protected] for current non-profit rates.

Please list the date, time and location for the public event as well as the name of sponsoring organization and contact information in the message text. Do not hyphenate or split words from one line to another; your message will be easier to read. KFMU staff reserves the right to edit content for purposes of readability.


Only non-profit organizations and government agencies with offices in Rout and Moffat  County may submit messages. Nonprofits must be registered with the State of CO or a chapter of a regional/national organization. 


Maximum length – 200 Characters (includes punctuation & spacing). 


Please submit at least two weeks prior to requested run time. 

Run Time

Up to 14 days per announcement. 


No promotion of products, commercial business or services, or lotteries will be allowed.