Paul Andrews: Council should remedy its poor decision on Marriott project

I am reaching out to Steamboat Springs City Council members with my request for reconsideration and denial of the Marriott proposal on the basis that it violates many aspects of the city’s Area Development Plan. These policies provide direction for elected and appointed administrators in making decisions regarding the development within the planning area.

A list of violations to the plan with references includes the following.

• 5-4 Policy CD-1.4(a) …: “Each new project should be well designed, attractive and should complement surrounding land uses and existing neighborhood character.” Clearly a hotel is not fit for this site.

• CD-2.3(a): “Strengthen standards to protect natural areas and features such as streams and wetlands.”

• T-2.1(a): The proposal of the bike path along Fish Creek  is not in compliance with the city’s Area Development Plan map showing this instead on Pine Grove Road or Anglers Drive.

• GM-2-4: Table T-1  traffic related problems: new development should not cause a reduction in the level or quality of services offered to taxpayers. Both pedestrian and auto traffic will be noticeably worsened from current “F” grade, and the proposed traffic mitigation is inadequate. Roundabouts are indicated in locations of high level of delay.

• CD-2.3(a) “Strengthen standards to protect natural areas such as streams and wetlands. Goal NS-1: Our community will work to maintain the health and integrity of the Yampa and Elk Rivers and their tributaries.”

• Policy NS-1.1: New development will not occur in the 100-year flood plains and will be designed to protect water quality and riparian areas.”

• Policy NS-1.2: “Provide water body and riparian area buffers from development.

• Policy NS-3.2: New development will respect and protect wildlife habitat and designed to not interfere with wildlife habitat; minimize impacts on migration corridors; minimize fragmentation of wildlife. A wildlife impact study should be performed since this property is habitat for both large and small game, and is also a wildlife migration corridor.

This information reveals many areas that require further study prior to approval of the proposal. I respectfully request that the proposed Marriott is reconsidered at Tuesday’s City Council meeting in order to table the final decision to a later date. This delay would permit thorough investigation of these sensitive issues prior to a final decision.

The decision for approval of this project is obviously not just driven by the city codes but also by the city’s Area Development Plan as cited. The City Council should take this opportunity to remedy the poor decision that was made.


Paul Andrews

Steamboat Springs

via:: Steamboat Pilot & Today