It’s gold or bust for the Golds

(Photo: Sarah Brunson/U.S. Snowboarding)

By AJ McCord via Mile High Sports


Snowboarder Taylor Gold waited with baited breath as Arielle stood at the top of the pipe.

He had already qualified for his first Olympic Games, but he couldn’t celebrate until he knew his sister, Arielle, was going with him.

Growing up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, there are more Olympians than Starbucks, but sibling Olympians? That’s a little bit less common.

Taylor, the older brother, got hooked on snowboarding first.

“I just had so much fun,” Taylor remembered. “It was by far the best part of my younger years was riding with all my friends at the Winter Sports Club. I think that just kind of made it super fun for me and then getting into the competition I was really excited about seeing how well I could fare against the other riders and push myself to a higher level.”

As the younger sister, Arielle let her brother test the waters before diving in herself.

“I was kinda was just waiting to see if he kept doing it to see if he was really enjoying it,” Arielle said. “He was really having fun with it after a couple years still so I just decided to try it.”

Arielle followed in his brother’s footsteps straight to the top of the half-pipe, much to their mother’s chagrin.

“I think my mom would probably rather we both play tennis,” Arielle laughed.

But instead, they found their home in the air, above the glistening snow. Taylor fell in love with the half-pipe while watching the 2002 Winter Olympics. Arielle followed a few years later.