Ray Ray’s Gyro Hero of the Day

KQZR The Reel wants you to nominate a local hero in our area. It can be someone you know or a family member, teacher, firefighter, policeman or anyone who deserves to be recognized for their good deed. Every morning during the first break in the 11 o’clock hour, Ray Ray on The Reel will announce the Gyro Hero of the day and tell short story about the Gyro Hero and their act of kindness. If your story airs on The Reel, you and your Gyro Hero will receive a complimentary meal at Skull Creek Greek. Submit your Gyro Hero story today!

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Ray Ray’s Gyro Hero of the Day is brought to you by Skull Creek Greek. Located Downtown Steamboat at the corner of 7th and Lincoln Downstairs, Skull Creek Greek offers delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options for everyone. and, don’t forget Skull Creek Greek Caters! Visit skullcreekgreek.com to learn more