Paul Wellman: Assange’s arrest is ‘dark day’ for journalists

April 11, 2019, was a dark day for free speech, the First Amendment and journalism.

I hope every one in your newsroom is howling with laughter at the Wikileaks cartoon in the April 13 Steamboat Pilot & Today.

A little research should give you in the news business shivers. Any of you that are dedicated to truth rather than the party line are now at risk of rabid retaliation if you dare get out of line.

Assange is a brave publisher, investigative journalist and editor.

Julian Assange was arrested on April 11 by British police, in violation of international law.

For seven years Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy. He was rightly granted asylum by Rafael Correa, Ecuadorian social democratic president at the time, to avoid persecution by the U.S. war hawks.

Correa has been replaced by Lenin Moreno, an extreme right wing American puppet who has caved to U.S. military/industrial complex pressure to give up Assange for fat money.

Assange is being thrown to the wolves for publishing truthful, award-winning information that shed light on U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dark days indeed.

Paul Wellman

Steamboat Springs

via:: Steamboat Pilot & Today