Food Matters: A mocktail pairing dinner serves a sober message

By Amanda Rae Pizza and beer. Sushi and sake. Steak and cabernet. Caviar and Champagne. Ribs and whiskey. Oysters and martinis. Chocolate cake and Irish coffee. Chef Chris Randall will pass on all of these classic pairings—he got sober in 2009, two years before moving to the Roaring Fork Valley by way of Louisiana. Now when out to dinner or socializing with friends at a bar, he finds enticing booze-free beverage options lacking: soda, tea, juice, water. Maybe nonalcoholic beer or a Moscow mule, hold the vodka.
“Every restaurant has a version of a mule: ginger beer, rosemary syrup, and lemon juice,” he says. …read more

Via:: Aspen Times