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Did John Mayer Just Confirm He’s Back with Katy Perry?! – Yahoo TV

John Mayer appears to be on-again with Katy Perry. The 37-year-old singer/songwriter guest hosted the Late Late Show on Wednesday, and while Perry was not a guest, her Super Bowl halftime show sharks were brought on the show as well as their “handler.” Mayer even decided to dance with the fishes. CBS The first guest of the night …Read More

▶ Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with “Saved By The Bell” Cast – YouTube

▶ Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with “Saved By The Bell” Cast – YouTube.

Here’s What The Twins Who Played Baby Emma On ‘Friends’ Look Like Today

Depending how deep you are into your “Friends” binge on Netflix, you may recall that in the season eight finale Rachel gives birth to a baby girl. Baby Emma Geller-Green was played by twins Noelle and Cali Sheldon, and aRedditor named billnyeisjustok, was recently inspired to share a photo of them, you know, so we …Read More

Doctors say there is little they can do for Bobbi Kristina Brown, source says | Fox News

Things aren’t looking good for Bobbi Kristina Brown. “It’s now a matter of when the family wants to let go and accept that she’s pretty much not going to make it,” a source closely connected to the situation told FOX411, adding that doctors have expressed that there is little they can do. “They’ve left it …Read More

Every State in the USA, Ranked by Its Fast Food – THRILLIST

Fast food is about as American as apple pie (from McDonald’s, of course). Seriously, recent Pew Research Center data showed that 50 million Americans are served fast food every day. And since we spend a good chunk of our time here at Thrillist writing about and tasting fast food, we began to wonder which states …Read More

Cyclist’s amazing close call captured on video –

Cyclist’s amazing close call captured on video Taiwan cyclist calmly steps off her bike as it’s being struck by a car as she rides through a crosswalk; unfazed, she strolls over and picks up her handbag February 02, 2015 by Pete Thomas Photo is a video screen grab A cyclist in Taiwan is fortunate to …Read More

Big Mac special sauce with that? $18,000 please – Yahoo News

                  Sydney (AFP) – Fast-food giant McDonald’s is giving Australians the opportunity to buy a bottle of the special sauce used on their famous Big Mac — the only problem is it will cost at least Aus$23,100 (US$18,000). The 500 ml ‘Limited Edition Big Mac Special Sauce …Read More

Katy Perry’s 5 New Super Bowl Halftime Show Revelations

Katy Perry has taken extreme measures to make sure her halftime performance at Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIL leaves viewers talking about the music, the pop star revealed during a press conference Thursday. She’s previously announced that Lenny Kravitz would be joining her for her set, and that one of her favorite designers, Jeremy Scott, would …Read More

Kanye West Serenades Daughter in ‘Only One’ Video | Rolling Stone

Kanye West visited Ellen Thursday to premiere the music video for “Only One,” his first Paul McCartney collaboration and a song inspired by his daughter North West. The video, directed by Spike Jonze, opens up with West singing “Only One” in a soggy field obscured and silhouetted by fog, a frame that’s visually similar to the rapper’s recent live …Read More

Red Velvet Oreos Make The Best Of The World’s Most Overrated Dessert

Red Velvet Oreos Make The Best Of The World’s Most Overrated Dessert No cookie can compare to the original Oreo. It’s kind of a perfect cookie. While we’re fans of some Oreo flavors, like Lemon and Peanut Butter, bad ones — ahem, Watermelon — make us rule out flavored Oreos altogether. For this reason, whenever …Read More

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