Public Service Guidelines
Due to the volume received, we are not able to acknowledge receipt of your submission. We look forward to contacting you if more information is needed or have the ability to assist.

Public Service Announcements: All announcements are subject to review and require approval by AlwaysMountainTime, LLC. All submissions for consideration must not exceed 30 seconds in length (whether fully produced audio or written script). Events or information must be submitted by a not-for-profit organization or non-profit agency. Proof of 501 (C) (3) status must be provided if requested. No commercial or for-profit companies (other than details non-profit event) may be mentioned. Sponsorship acknowledgment will not be made. This time is to be used strictly to announce the event or benefit and not for recognition of sponsors.

We are not able to take information over the phone – Information may be provided in the following fashion:
Email: (no phone calls please, email only). If you are submitting pre-recorded PSA on MP3 send file only through downloadable link and not as an MP3 attachment file. Email will not pass through Spam Filter. Events or information should have appeal and value to a majority of the AlwaysMountaintTime, LLC station audience in Station Designated Market Area and provide some service, awareness or benefit to the community.

PSA’s will be scheduled based upon air-time availability. Placement cannot be guaranteed, we cannot tell you when it will air, nor can we give you proof of performance after it has aired. If seeking designated date/time and report of air and wish to pay for guaranteed placement, we will be happy to have a sales rep contact you for details.

PSA (pre-recorded or script) Information should be submitted no less than 4 weeks prior to the event or campaign. Please provide as much information as possible – being mindful of the time restraints on those who will be reading your submission. Be direct and to the point. Always include the 5Ws – who, what, where, when, why (and) how, along with contact information, website if available, ticket info, etc. Put yourself in the general public’s shoes and give the information they will need. Remember, you are very close to the event and know the simple details – the public knows nothing.
AlwaysMountaintTime, LLC has the right to amend this information at any time.

Revised: 8/12/2020