AlwaysMountainTime, LLC is a growing media company that has a passion for outstanding radio, first class events, and cutting edge digital content/services. At AlwaysMountainTime we believe in creating progressive products, world- class events and building strong relationships in our communities.

“With radio reaching over 90% of virtually every segment of the population…and with 245 million Americans spending at least 2 ¾ hours a day listening, radio is here to stay.”

In terms of number of stations owned, AlwaysMountainTime is the 2nd largest radio broadcaster in Colorado. Our focus is on the unique mountain lifestyle in Colorado and our stations cover a giant footprint in the State.

Through Radiate Live Events we produce some of Colorado most popular mountain events, like the Breckenridge Beer Festival, Reds, Whites and Brews, and the Winter Park Beer Festival.

AMT Digital Services provides Internet marketing services to our clients that utilize the very latest technologies and allow our customers the ability to rank highly in search, reputation, customer reviews and social media by providing all forms of digital marketing opportunities including but not limited to display, paid search, SEO, geo targeting, re-targeting, responsive web design and more.


Here at AwaysMountainTime, we are a radio family focused on our local connection to the community to deliver the most compelling goods and services possible.

We believe the Colorado mountains are a unique place, like no other on earth. We focus everything we do on helping businesses grow in the these communities.

AMT Legacy Awards

A person’s legacy at AMT can best be described by the memories and standards one leaves to others; the images that come to mind when a person’s name is spoken. How wonderful to have a legacy so linked to the idea of success, integrity, honesty, and the freedom to always do the right thing, especially when nobody is watching.
The AMT Legacy award is the highest honor a member of the AMT team can achieve. The award is nominated and voted on by a panel comprising the ownership and the General Managers of AMT. The nominating process of spirited and passionate cases are presented on behalf of our best employees. The winner and their guest join the previous winners in Denver for dinner and awards ceremony. They are given an embroidered ski jacket with the AMT Legacy award logo, a book of quotes about that person from everyone in the company, and the AMT Legacy award. We’ve put together a few short videos that have been played at the awards ceremonies profiling previous AMT Legacy award winners.

2020 AMT Legacy Award Winner: Leslie Walker Ford – Breckenridge Advertising Consultant

2017 AMT Legacy Award Winner: Jordan “Superman” Lyles – Production Director

2015 AMT Legacy Award Winner: David Bach – KNFO Aspen Program Director

2014 AMT Legacy Award Winners: Axel Contreras – KQSE Program Director, Terri Brisky – AMT Traffic Director