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Slope Reports

One of the best parts about living in Colorado’s High Country is hitting the slopes! Whether it’s Aspen Highlands, Aspen Mountain, Beaver Creek, Buttermilk,  Ski Cooper, Snowmass, Sunlight, or Vail, get the details on the runs & trails from The Lift FM! 7:36am Brought to you by Aspen Valley Hospital    8:36am 9:36am

The LIFT FM Hourly Sponsors

Big thanks to the hourly sponsors of The LIFT FM! 7am Culligan Vail Valley  8am Snowbridge Roto Rooter        9am H&R Block      

The Local 411

Know what’s going on in your community with The LIFT FM’s Local 411.  Broadcast every weekday, four times a day: 7:36am,  9:36am, 4:36pm, 6:36pm  

The 80′s at 8!

It’s your chance to get totally tubular with The LIFT FM, Tuesday mornings at 8 o’clock! Brought to you by Werks Auto.  Get ready for their Chili Cook-Off, happening April 30th, with Ferguson Plumbing! Find out further details via Werks Auto Email, or call 970-328-9000. Is there some 80′s music you’d like to hear?  Fill out the …Read More

Celebrity Scoop

We dish up a big scoop of fluffy fun that we call “Celebrity Scoop!’ Our tongue is firmly in our cheek as we deliver the dirty deets on your favorite celebrities, Tuesday through Saturday, at 8:30am, and 3:30pm. Listen to the latest…  

The Commercial Free Stretch

The LIFT FM knows it’s important to move your body, so every weekday, starting at 11am, The LIFT FM brings you over an hour of  music that’s commercial free, so you keep your groove. Brought to you by Gypsum Creek Golf Course All 18 holes at Gypsum Creek Golf Course are open for the 2014 …Read More

Road Reports

The LIFT FM keeps an eye on the roads throughout the day, giving you the latest updates. 7:36am report brought to you by Aspen Valley Hospital    Emergency Road Reports brought to you by Big O Tires Click here for the CDOT website  

Celebrity Birthdays

Start your mornings celebrating  with Celebrity Birthdays on The LIFT FM!  Tuesday through Saturday,  The LIFT FM toasts the day, playing the music by, or inspired by the icons and the infamous born on that date. Whether its musicians or actors, the notorious or the legendary, The LIFT FM honors the deserving few.    

News by David Bach

Keep current by listening to The LIFT FM at the top-of-the-hour, in the mornings from 7am to 9am, and in the afternoons from 4pm to 6pm. News brought to you by: 8am – Adair Dental

Weather Reports

Know what’s happening with the weather in your area; The LIFT FM has weather reports every hour, ten minutes before the hour.   Brought to you by:   8:50am – Clark’s Market    10:50am – Pediatric Partners      4:50pm – Werks Auto      

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