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By David Kotzebue,

Volcanoes in Colorado? You betcha! One of the most famous, and a still-active volcano, is the Dotsero Volcano. It erupted some 4,000 years ago, and a mud flow crossed across what is now I-70. The Dotsero volcano, two miles northeast of the town of Dotsero is on the radar screen of the U.S. Geological Survey, which rates the threats of volcanoes across the country.

In the first comprehensive report on volcanoes since Mount St. Helens erupted 25 years ago, Dotsero was rated as a moderate threat for its potential to spew volcanic ash into the air and disrupt airplane traffic. Also active in our area is the Yellowstone caldera, which underlies most of Yellowstone National Park.

Dotsero, however is not likely to erupt in our lifetime. So, go ahead and climb it! The crater itself is north of the interstate, above the trailer park. The summit is at 7,316 feet, and the base is at about 6,155, making for an elevation gain of 1,161 feet, a moderate climb.

The reward of this climb is not only the 360-degree views, but diamond collecting! Low-grade diamonds can be found around the rim. Take some home!

While in the area, you may want to take in the great kayaking centered around State Bridge, just to the north of Dotsero. Dotsero is also home to 23 other mountain peaks, check for details.



One of the things Jim and Wendy McCreight, both Doctorates of Dental Surgery (DDS), love about living and practicing dentistry in Steamboat Springs is the people.

After 17 years of operating McCreight Progressive Dentistry in the Yampa Valley, the two local dentists have begun to truly understand what is means to be Steamboat locals. This arose largely from a fickle twist of fate. At this time last year, Wendy was diagnosed with a rare case of lymphoma and was undergoing chemo treatment.

“That really put everything about being a local into perspective,” Jim says. “Because the heart of this valley is really the people.”

People they had known but hadn't seen in a while came out of the woodwork to help, from the church community to business owners in town.

“When you own a business or restaurant, you understand what it's like to be faced with something like that,” he says. “You still have to show up and keep that business going. People say they come for the winter and stay for the summer, but I think it's really staying for the people.”

Parents to a 15-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, Jim, 47, and Wendy, 51, met at the Iowa College of Dentistry in 1994. That was where Wendy received her BS in nursing and worked in cardiology for three years. With Jim graduating in 1997 to pursue dentistry, the two moved to Yuma, Arizona, in 1998 where Jim was stationed as a Navy dentist working for the Marines.

They started their first practice in Craig after finding a classified that listed a dental practice for sale. Soon after, they acquired enough of a following to build a new practice in Steamboat. While it may be hard to separate work from personal life, especially owning the business with a significant other, Jim says they're getting better at it.

“When it's your own business it's different because you're its heart and soul,” he says. “But we're getting better at when to turn that off.”

Outside of work the couple enjoys spending time with their kids, skiing, biking, swimming and car camping. Jim has also competed in five Ironman triathlons, the affinity showing in their support of local triathlons and other community events. They also formed the McCreight Smile Foundation to provide dental care to victims of domestic violence in Northwest Colorado.

The common thread, or floss, running through everything they do is dedication to their family, dental practice and community, which makes them smile happily to call Steamboat home.

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