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By Margena Holmes,

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you in many different ways.  It can lower your blood pressure, it can help you lose weight, it helps build stamina, and can help build muscle, and muscle burns more calories than fat.

Walking is an easy way to get exercise.  You don’t need any special equipment except good sturdy shoes.  Walking can be done almost anywhere-the mall, the grocery store, around your neighborhood, or around your office during your break at work.  If you need more of a challenge, or you’re stuck at a weight loss plateau, you can try hiking.

I recently went on a hike at the Ute Valley Park in Colorado Springs.  It was very easy to get to, and the park itself was beautiful.  The hike, on the other hand, was pretty hard for someone who has lived at sea level for her entire life until a year ago!  There are quite a few trails to hike on, and at first it seemed like it would be pretty easy.  The first part of the hike was fairly even and flat, but as we went on, it gradually got steeper and more rocky, but you don’t notice it too much if you’re looking at the beautiful scenery.

When you hike, the terrain plays a big part in how much you burn.  Hiking up hills, on rocky terrain will burn more calories.  Two hours, four miles, a steep uphill grade, and 8000+ steps, the parking lot was back in sight!  According to the American Council on Exercise, hiking burns between 4.5 and 6.7 calories per minute, so that adds up to approximately 1200 calories burned.

You may want to gradually work up to hiking four miles, hike at a slower pace, or hike an easier trail if you’re not accustomed to hiking.  Check with your doctor first before you tackle any trail, and remember to bring a bottle of water with you.


We are writing in reference to several past letters concerning the EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan and its focus on the burning of fossil fuels — especially coal, which results in the production of carbon dioxide as a byproduct. The EPA has defined carbon dioxide as a poison.

Because of this carbon dioxide production, energy from coal is under attack from (1) environmental lobby groups and (2) the U.S. government agency of environmental protection — EPA, as the main cause of global warming and climate change.

However, there's absolutely no scientific proof manmade carbon dioxide is the major cause of current climate changes.

Long before there was any manmade carbon dioxide, the earth underwent continuous warming and cooling cycles caused by solar activity.

The most recent past warming cycles with temperatures considerably warmer than today were:

■ 200 B.C. to 600 A.D., known as the Roman Warming Period

■ 900 A.D. to 1300 A.D., known as the Medieval Warming Period

Energy from coal is by far the cheapest energy source we have available to us.

Renewable solar and wind energy are intermittent, with low land density and high expense — relying on U.S. government subsidies to be economically viable.

If the EPA were allowed to force the closure of the Hayden and Craig power plants, the energy costs in this area would skyrocket. Additionally, the local economies would be severely compromised.

Fortunately, the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision June 27, which requires the EPA to carefully consider all of the costs before issuing any new regulations against coal-fired power plants, now makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for the EPA to carry out its threat to close power plants based on their emissions of carbon dioxide.

This is very good news for the Hayden and Craig power plants. Furthermore, we can most likely anticipate continuing to enjoy low electricity energy costs.

Jim Erickson and Mike Schmidt

Founders, Steamboat Energy Discussion Group (Steamboat EDGE)

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