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By Kathy Harris,

Injured or lost hikers. Trapped climbers. Missing backcountry campers. We hear the news stories all the time. And although we don’t like to think about it, those accidents can happen to any of us who live and play in the mountains. One thing you can do to help protect yourself is to purchase a Colorado search-and-rescue (CORSAR) card. For the cost of the card, you help make sure that trained and well-equipped search-and-rescue teams will respond should you become lost or in need of rescue.

Your purchase of the card is a contribution to the Colorado Search and Rescue Fund, which helps offset expenses that may be incurred if you ever needed a search-and-rescue operation. Many cities, counties and other types of special districts bill victims for expenses related to their rescue. If you have a CORSAR card, the Colorado Search and Rescue Fund will attempt to reimburse eligible expenses to prevent you from having to pay out of pocket.

The card is not insurance, however. The CORSAR website specifically states that “the card is not insurance and does not reimburse individuals nor does it pay for medical transport. Medical transport includes helicopter flights or ground ambulance. If aircraft are used as a search vehicle, those costs are reimbursed by the fund. If the aircraft becomes a medical transport due to a medical emergency, the medical portion of the transport is not covered.”

You can purchase a CORSAR card for just $3 a year, or pay $12 for five years.

NOTE: Anyone with a current hunting/fishing license, or boat, snowmobile or ATV registration is already covered by the fund.

Purchase a Colorado search-and-rescue card online here.


You are invited to join other astronomy enthusiasts from around the community for the Stagecoach Star Party at 9 p.m. Friday, July 10, at the Morrison Cove boat ramp on the south-shore side of Stagecoach State Park, weather permitting. It's a short and beautiful 30-minute drive from Steamboat Springs to Stagecoach State Park, off of Routt County Road 14.

Do you own a homemade or commercial telescope and enjoy sharing celestial sights with other folks? Then come on down to the shores of beautiful Stagecoach Reservoir Friday night and set up your ‘scope for some shared public viewing.

Do you have a telescope that is gathering dust and cobwebs in the garage, closet or attic because you aren't sure how to use it or maybe it is missing a piece? Then bring it on down to the Star Party, and I or someone else will help you get it operational.

Do you not own a telescope but would love the opportunity to see the rings of Saturn for yourself? Then the Stagecoach Star Party is for you, too.

When the sun goes down Friday night and the stars pop out, we hope to have lots of different kinds and sizes of telescopes aimed skyward for all to peep through.

The planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will be strung out across the sky, perfectly placed for viewing. I will be your host and will provide a guided tour of the summer sky. We'll learn some constellations and see some magnificent deep sky objects.

The Stagecoach Star Party is free and open to all ages, although park officials remind that a valid annual State Parks pass or daily pass is required on all vehicles. The $7 daily passes will be available on site.

Besides your favorite telescope, I would recommend bringing along a camp chair or two, some insect repellant, a small red-filtered flashlight and a jacket for the cool mountain air after sundown.

To get to the Morrison Cove Boat Ramp parking area from Steamboat Springs, take Colorado Highway 131 south to C.R. 14, turn left and continue past the main Stagecoach State Park entrance. After passing mile marker 4, turn left onto C.R. 16 toward Lynx Pass. Follow 16 around the lake (Note: 16 makes a left turn in front of the Eagle's Nest town homes) until it T-bones into C.R. 18A and turn left. This road will take you down to the Morrison Cove Boat Ramp parking area and the Stagecoach Star Party.

I hope to see you there!

Professor Jimmy Westlake teaches astronomy and physics at Colorado Mountain College's Alpine Campus. His "Celestial News" column appears weekly in the Steamboat Today newspaper and his "Cosmic Moment" radio spots can be heard on local radio station KFMU. Check out Jimmy's astrophotography website at

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