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By Sue Gabel,

Colorado is one of the most popular winter destinations so it’s no wonder this state would have five of the best ski resorts in the country. Skiing enthusiasts can score phenomenal all-inclusive deals, tons of fresh dry powder on the slopes and find a variety of events, activities, restaurants and nightlife.

Vail, ColoradoWhen most people think of skiing in Colorado, Vail is one of the first locations that comes to mind. Vail Mountain is an enormous winter hub for skiers, snowboarders, sledding, snowshoeing and anyone who is seeking the best of the best in resort form. Enjoy seven miles of sloping fun on both sides of the mountain. The resort itself encompasses more than 5,000 acres. It’s not only a favored family resort, but a singles resort too. Vail Mountain also offers skiing lessons at their ski school for both adults and children.

Aspen, Colorado. Another popular and talked about ski destination in Colorado is Aspen. Aspen’s resort town is a favorite with the rich and famous and other well-to-do individuals, but there are vacation packages available for various budgets. The Aspen ski and resort area features over 3,000 acres and its main mountain has a vertical drop of almost 4,500 feet. Aspen offers ski trails for everyone whether you’re a novice or intermediate skier. As one of the five best ski resorts in Colorado, Aspen is hard to beat with its variety of terrain parks, four on-site restaurants, retail and rental shops and comfortable accommodations.

Breckenridge, Colorado. With a base elevation of 9,600 feet, a vertical rise of almost 3,400 feet, 30 ski lifts and approximately 2,500 acres of ski terrain, Breckenridge is undoubtedly one of the five best ski resorts in Colorado. Open since 1961, Breckenridge has been providing winter sports enthusiasts’ hours of slope time for almost 50 years. Breckenridge has about 155 skiing and snowboarding trails available, and its longest trail called the “Four O’Clock” is 3.5 miles long.

Telluride, Colorado. For its unmatched beauty, hideaway location and friendly town, Telluride, Colorado, is not a well-known area, but is considered one of the five best ski resorts in Colorado. Telluride is actually located amongst 13,000 and 14,000-foot Rocky Mountain peaks, offering a unique ski-in, ski-out type of resort town. The resort has become so popular over the last few ski seasons, it has expanded another 400 acres. The Telluride Ski Resort area also features some of the best restaurants, hotels, shops and spas.

Crested Butte, Colorado. Rounding off the list of top five ski resorts in Colorado is Crested Butte. This historic mining town turned ski resort is nestled among beautiful snow covered mountain peaks. Known as “the perfect mountain” by the locals, Crested Butte offers slopes and trails for all levels of skiing experience. The slopes are wide and don’t get easily crowded which is an advantage to everyone. The mountain also features extreme skiing locations on the North Face and the Head Wall. As of 2010, the newly expanded Teocalli Bowl area now adds to the extreme skiing location of the mountain.


By Reginald Bautista,

As the nation embraces summer, it’s time to dig out the clubs, shake the rust off the swing, and hit the golf course in the mountain towns. This batch of golf getaways features a trio of deals from Sheraton Steamboat and Rollingstone Ranch Golf Course. Other honorable mentions include cocktails in a package for the Peaks Resort & Spa and Telluride Golf Club, and a Stay and Play package from The Inn at Keystone, the town’s only pet friendly property.

Trio of Golf Getaways with Sheraton Steamboat Sheraton Steamboat and Rollingstone Ranch Golf Course are offering three packages depending where you want to play and for how long. All packages include at least one round of golf at Rollingstone, accommodations at Sheraton Steamboat, and late checkout, if available.

Golf The ‘Boat Starting at $299 per person double occupancy, per night, this package offers access to two of the Yampa Valley’s finest courses, including:   – Resort accommodations  – Greens fees for up to 18 holes for two players at the Sheraton’s Rollingstone Ranch Golf Course  – Greens fees for up to 18 holes for two players at Haymaker Golf Course  – Golf cart included  – 4 p.m. late check-out (based upon availability)

Unlimited Steamboat Golf Package This unlimited golf offer, which starts at $149 per person double occupancy, per night and includes:   – Resort accommodations  – Unlimited golf for two players at Sheraton’s Rollingstone Ranch Golf Course – cart included  – Driving range privileges on day of play  – 10% off all merchandise at Sheraton’s Rollingstone Ranch Golf Pro-Shop  – 4 p.m. late check-out (based upon availability)

Steamboat Stay & Play Starts at $129 per person double occupancy, per night, including:    – Resort accommodations  – Green fees for up to 18 holes of golf for two players at Sheraton’s Rollingstone Ranch Golf Course – cart included  – Driving range privileges on day of play  – 10% off all merchandise at Sheraton’s Rollingstone Ranch Golf Pro-Shop  – 4 p.m. late check-out (based upon availability)

About Rollingstone Ranch Golf Course Named one of Colorado’s “Best Resort Courses” for 2011 by Colorado Avid Golfer, the Rollingstone Ranch was designed by Robert Trent Jones II. The 18-hole course – a “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” by to Audubon International – consists of bentgrass/poa annua greens and bluegrass/ryegrass fairways and roughs and sixty-six sand bunkers, plus dramatic tee shots, stunning Flat Top Mountain views, and the Fish Creek Grille. For more information on Rollingstone Ranch, visit or call 970-879-1391.   To book any of these packages and for more information on the Sheraton Steamboat, call 866-716-8134 or visit All packages are based on availability; the Golf the ‘Boat offer require a 2-night minimum stay.

Elevate Your Golf Game at The Peaks in Telluride This golf package at the Peaks Resort & Spa and Telluride Golf Club includes: Resort accommodations – One round of Golf per person – Range balls and practice facility – Golf concierge services – 19th Hole round of cocktails at Palmyra Bar – Complimentary valet parking

About Telluride Golf Course At 9,500 feet above sea level, this par 70, 6,574 yard, 18 hole, mountain resort course is surrounded by the highest concentration of 14,000 foot mountains in the United States. Constructed in 1992 and located within the Peaks Resort & Spa, the course serves as a private club for members as well as a public course for Peaks guests. For more about this package and information about the Peaks Resort & Spa and Telluride Golf Club, visit

Stay and Play at The Inn at Keystone  From $126 per person, the package includes: Lodging accommodations – 18 holes at the Keystone Ranch

About Keystone Golf Keystone’s courses were ranked among Colorado’s Best Resort Courses by Colorado Avid Golfer. Elevation changes, variable bunkers, and water hazards combine to challenge golfers of all levels. Other rates, dates and accommodations available. To book this package and for more information, visit


When you're looking at red, dusty landscapes without another human being in sight, you can either get motivated or get depressed. No, I'm not talking about being in Utah, rather the do-or-die hero of “The Martian.”

“The Martian,” rated PG-13

Rating: 3.5 out of 4 stars

Running time: 141 minutes

Starring: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig and Jeff Daniels

Now playing at Wildhorse Stadium Cinemas and Craig's West Theatre.

NASA has set foot on Mars, and they've already begun sending crews to explore the fourth planet from the sun. During a mission known as Ares III, six astronauts touch down on the faraway world only for five to make it back to the ship when a massive sandstorm throws off their plans.

During the confusion, Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is waylaid by heavy equipment and presumed dead by his colleagues. Yet, ceremonies and news coverage of the brave spaceman's sacrifice back on Earth are premature, because he is still alive.

For now.

Surviving in the crew's temporary artificial habitat with a dwindling number of supplies, Watney has two tasks: find a way not to starve to death and make contact with NASA.

The first is easy, thanks to his knowledge of botany and an assortment of materials that let him grow more food. The second takes some time, but once he finally gets in touch with ground control, the organization is able to plan for his rescue, which will take months even years under the best circumstances.

After all, what else could go wrong?

Damon is just right as a guy like Watney — scientifically minded and endlessly resourceful while still being an Everyman stuck millions of miles from home. It's not his straightforward courage that makes you root for him to make it back as much as his ability to laugh at his situation amid so many obstacles.

Yes, being impaled by an antenna is bad and the threat of running out of oxygen is horrifying, but the prospect of no more ketchup is what really induces shudders.

Jessica Chastain and Michael Peña are as good as ever as Watney's fellow astronauts, wracked with guilt over leaving him behind and wanting to do whatever they can to make it right while still being on their own return home and therefore a little preoccupied.

NASA's head honcho is pretty hands-on about everything, at least the way Jeff Daniels plays him as a man who truly cares about getting his people back safely but doesn't hesitate to tell the Mars mission director (Chiwetel Ejiofor) they may have to let their man die.

What a fun sell for their public relations spokeswoman (Kristen Wiig)!

Watney may be counting down the sols — the red planet equivalent of what we Earthlings call days — until human contact, but director Ridley Scott doesn't drag out the experience for us watching. What could be “Cast Away” in space is speedily paced and gets down to business immediately. Reflective moments with our hero staring into the vast nothing — actually Hungarian filming sites — that may or may not be his doom are there but don't eat up much time, a smart move on the part of Scott and screenwriter Drew Goddard, adapting Andy Weir's novel.

The trend of astro movies like “Gravity” and “Interstellar” that strive to be as real as possible yet don't measure up based on expert's predictions continues — we all probably know duct tape isn't going to save lives as easily as it does here — but it isn't about being real so much as being true.

A man who can create his own water to grow the first Martian potatoes isn't going to fall to pieces on his own, and while could see Damon losing his sanity after about a month, instead he and Scott just treat it as another day in the furthest thing from paradise. At least when the only music he has handy is his commander's disco collection.

The folks on Earth feel authentic as well, not stereotypical cold-blooded engineers and executives but people who have to weigh very drastic stakes in saving a single man with whom they can barely communicate and have their every decision scrutinized by a demanding public, still coming up with plans that only have a prayer of working.

The screenplay also crackles with warmth and humor throughout between intervals of great tension. Anyone who doesn't at least chuckle about the fact that a meeting dubbed the Council of Elrond has Sean Bean sitting right there needs to pack their bags for Mars right now.

A story well told even with a lot of plot points of disbelief, “The Martian” is a 3-D must-see that touches on the kind of unity that should be possible with space travel and how a single person can bring a world together. 7 billion pulling for one guy to return safely feels like a future we want to have.

Contact Andy Bockelman at 970-875-1793 or [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @TheBocksOffice.

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