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By Sue Gabel,

Colorado is one of the most popular winter destinations so it’s no wonder this state would have five of the best ski resorts in the country. Skiing enthusiasts can score phenomenal all-inclusive deals, tons of fresh dry powder on the slopes and find a variety of events, activities, restaurants and nightlife.

Vail, ColoradoWhen most people think of skiing in Colorado, Vail is one of the first locations that comes to mind. Vail Mountain is an enormous winter hub for skiers, snowboarders, sledding, snowshoeing and anyone who is seeking the best of the best in resort form. Enjoy seven miles of sloping fun on both sides of the mountain. The resort itself encompasses more than 5,000 acres. It’s not only a favored family resort, but a singles resort too. Vail Mountain also offers skiing lessons at their ski school for both adults and children.

Aspen, Colorado. Another popular and talked about ski destination in Colorado is Aspen. Aspen’s resort town is a favorite with the rich and famous and other well-to-do individuals, but there are vacation packages available for various budgets. The Aspen ski and resort area features over 3,000 acres and its main mountain has a vertical drop of almost 4,500 feet. Aspen offers ski trails for everyone whether you’re a novice or intermediate skier. As one of the five best ski resorts in Colorado, Aspen is hard to beat with its variety of terrain parks, four on-site restaurants, retail and rental shops and comfortable accommodations.

Breckenridge, Colorado. With a base elevation of 9,600 feet, a vertical rise of almost 3,400 feet, 30 ski lifts and approximately 2,500 acres of ski terrain, Breckenridge is undoubtedly one of the five best ski resorts in Colorado. Open since 1961, Breckenridge has been providing winter sports enthusiasts’ hours of slope time for almost 50 years. Breckenridge has about 155 skiing and snowboarding trails available, and its longest trail called the “Four O’Clock” is 3.5 miles long.

Telluride, Colorado. For its unmatched beauty, hideaway location and friendly town, Telluride, Colorado, is not a well-known area, but is considered one of the five best ski resorts in Colorado. Telluride is actually located amongst 13,000 and 14,000-foot Rocky Mountain peaks, offering a unique ski-in, ski-out type of resort town. The resort has become so popular over the last few ski seasons, it has expanded another 400 acres. The Telluride Ski Resort area also features some of the best restaurants, hotels, shops and spas.

Crested Butte, Colorado. Rounding off the list of top five ski resorts in Colorado is Crested Butte. This historic mining town turned ski resort is nestled among beautiful snow covered mountain peaks. Known as “the perfect mountain” by the locals, Crested Butte offers slopes and trails for all levels of skiing experience. The slopes are wide and don’t get easily crowded which is an advantage to everyone. The mountain also features extreme skiing locations on the North Face and the Head Wall. As of 2010, the newly expanded Teocalli Bowl area now adds to the extreme skiing location of the mountain.



Similar to many recent college graduates, Jack Burger didn't know what his next step was going to be. After completing his English degree from Colorado College in Colorado Springs this year, the 2011 Steamboat Springs High School graduate interned at Inspirato in Denver this summer, without any real vision of his future beyond that.

Moving home to Steamboat was certainly an option, but he didn't think it would come with a job that could potentially redefine his career goals. Regardless, that's what came his way when he accepted the role as the head boys' tennis coach at SSHS for the upcoming fall season, replacing Don Toy.

“It's always been in the back of my head that maybe I could come up here and coach. So it worked out,” Burger said. “Definitely really excited. I've always thought being a coach would be fun. Definitely a little nervous, too. Not going to lie.”

If Burger's first name doesn't ring a bell, his last name should. Burger is one of six children, all of which have made a name for himself or herself playing tennis in Steamboat. The oldest sibling, 24-year-old Brian, played collegiately at the University of Puget Sound. Jack's twin brother, Keegan, is currently playing at Rollins College in Florida.

Jack's two younger sisters are also twins, Tatum and Shae, with Tatum having won the Class 4A girls singles tennis championship this spring as a freshman at SSHS. The youngest of the children is Teague, one of the rising stars in Steamboat youth tennis. Teague will be a freshman at SSHS this fall and will play for his older brother on the Sailors' tennis team.

“He's got a little bit of a temper, so if we get his head in the game, I think, yeah, he can do really well this year,” Jack Burger said of Teague. “I'm actually really excited for it. I think he is, too. I hope he gives me the respect. No, but it will be fun. He definitely has the potential to be pretty good.”

Jack Burger, who played tennis collegiately at Colorado College, was also a decorated high school athlete in Steamboat. He competed in tennis, cross country, Nordic skiing and track for the Sailors, and was a regional champion in tennis all four years, including a third place finish at state in doubles.

“One thing I can say about Jack, no matter what day it was, he came out and he was willing to work hard,” said Jon Aragon, the current SSHS girls' tennis coach who coached the boys' team for 16 years, including when Jack Burger played. “I think Steamboat is lucky to get a talent like Jack coming back right out of college and taking over a program. You couldn't ask for a young man — he's basically done it all.”

Practice for the boys' tennis season gets underway Aug. 17. Outside of a few kids, Burger doesn't know most of the players and is still working on his plans for coaching them. He has experience coaching his younger siblings and has helped out at The Tennis Center at Steamboat Springs for numerous summers, but knows coaching a varsity high school team will take a lot more than he's used to.

“I just really want to make it fun,” Burger said. “I had an amazing experience playing tennis here. Hopefully I can bring that same enthusiasm and passion I had back.”

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