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KSPN Kitchen Concerts

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KSPN Kitchen Concerts

We’ve rehabbed our old kitchen into something much more than a place to feed our DJs!

KSPN’s Kitchen Concerts is the only non-metro market, full performance radio studio in Colorado.

With the world class caliber musicians that come to Aspen, we figured we’d give them a world class facility in which to play.  On top of that, the new kitchen studio features a listener’s lounge, so winners can come meet their favorite band, and experience a totally unique concert/recording setting!

The Kitchen is also stocked with backline provided by Guitar Center.

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North Mississippi All Stars KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Look for their new album with Robert Randolph and John Medeski. The Word, Soul Food, due out May 5th!

Pearl and the Beard Perform "Devil's Head Down" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

The Brooklyn band plays a tune from their upcoming album Beast.

Martin Sexton Performs "Do It Daily" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Martin Sexton figures the title of his eighth studio album, Mixtape of the Open Road, says it all. "The concept of this record is that it's the mixtape, just like when your friends knew you were taking that California trip and wanted to inspire you along the way,"

Keller Williams Performs "Doobie In My Pocket" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Look out for Keller Williams' new album Vape which in Keller's own words is "high pressured life shot through my favorite original songs in a low pressured atmosphere. Out comes a highly concentrated music that can be heated up and inhaled through your ears. Vape.”

Cracker Performs "Waited My Whole Life" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

"Cracker's newest album ‘Berkeley to Bakersfield’ is not only a fine return, but over its two discs, Lowery and company manage to take the listener on a bit of a road trip. Fortunately, and not surprisingly, both sides of that coin show the band shining bright." --Video Courtesy of Aspen 82

Dirty Heads Perform "My Sweet Summer" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Dirty Heads newest album, Sound of Change, taps into some of the best producers around, and the album is just what it says it is: an expansion of sound with tracks varying from club bangers to rap tracks to pop hits, all while maintaining their feel good vibe. -Guitar World Magazine ---Video Courtesy of Aspen 82

Michael Franti and Spearhead perform "Rise Up" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

"Well-crafted and unfailingly likable, Franti's music hints at his activist-sage roots; check out the apocalypse-minded, Matrix-produced rap-along "11:59." For those who plan to go down dancing, he's a solid man to have on the mic." -Rolling Stone

Alex Clare performs "Just a Man" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

"Clare's voice drips with the brassy confidence and implied stylistic reverence of ladies' men like Bruno Mars, and Mayer Hawthorne, call it GQ funky" -Pitchfork

Ghost Owl Performs "Sky Yellow" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Check Out Ghost Owl's new album Say Goodbye to Finland

HoneyHoney Performs "Sugarcane" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

HoneyHoney "throbs like vintage Johnny Cash... Uncompromisingly beautiful." -American Songwriter ---Video Courtesy of Aspen 82

Matisyahu Performs "Broken Car" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

"Matisyahu's Akeda is the kind of album an artist makes when there is no other creative choice but to turn oneself inside-out, to scrape the insides and reveal everything raw. This impulse is what makes Akeda his most self-reflective and purely conceived album." -Huffington Post ---Video Courtesy of Aspen82

Moon Taxi Performs "Runnin' Wild" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

LA Music Blog writes, "Moon Taxi's Spencer Thompson's guitar work is like Rage’s Tom Morello meets Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler meets Queen’s Brian May; in other words, he’s captivating." Video Courtesy of Aspen 82

Ayron Jones and The Way Perform "Feedin' from the Devil's Hands" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

"Sir Mix-a-Lot likes to call Jones the “King of Seattle,” and while it’s too early to anoint him, Jones nevertheless has managed to elevate himself into the conversation on Seattle rock royalty." -Seattle Times

Jake Bugg Performs "Storm Passes Away" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

"Jake Bugg an artist who is crazy fully formed, stepping into a journey that should be worth following. Bugg is making artisanal folk rock with Whole Foods-scale ambition. On a table sagging with big-box pop, it's a small revelation." - Will Hermes, Rolling Stone Magazine. Video courtesy of Aspen 82

Miner performs "Carousel" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Miner is plowing through the festival circuit this summer, promoting their debut album, "Into the Morning. See why Buzzbands LA declares, "Miner has indeed found something golden". Video courtesy of Aspen 82.

Stephen Marley Performing "Revelation Party" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Grammy winner Stephen Marley stopped by the KSPN Kitchen for a few tunes. Check out his upcoming album "Revelation Part II - The Fruit of Life", due out this summer. Video courtesy of Aspen 82.

Reignwolf Performs "In the Dark" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Rolling Stone Magazine named Reignwolf on their 2014 "Top 10 Artists You Need to Know" list. Watch them shake the KSPN Kitchen on April 29th, 2014.

Warpaint Performs "Keep It Healthy" KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Fresh off two weekends at Coachella, Warpaint stopped by the KSPN Kitchen. Hear why Rolling Stone magazine calls their latest album, Rough Trade, the "perfect backdrop for your next midnight séance or moonlit dance party"

Michael Franti - KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Michael Franti and Friends perform a brand new song, first time ever, in the KSPN Kitchen! So new, we don't even have a name for it... Video courtesy of Aspen 82, March 25th, 2014

Brett Dennen - KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Brett Dennen performs "Wild Child" in the KSPN Kitchen, March 15th, 2014. Video courtesy of Aspen 82.

Keller Williams - KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Keller Williams and More Than a Little perform "Right Here" in the KSPN Kitchen, February 20th, 2014. Video courtesy of Aspen 82.

The Infamous Stringdusters - KSPN Kitchen Concerts

The Infamous Stringdusters perform "Rivers Run Cold" in the KSPN Kitchen, February 18th, 2014. Video courtesy of Aspen 82.

John Oates - KSPN Kitchen Concerts

John Oates stopped by the KSPN Kitchen on December 27th, 2013. Video courtesy of Aspen 82.

Michael Franti - KSPN Kitchen Concerts

Michael Franti and Jay Bowman perform "Life is Better with You" in the KSPN Kitchen, August 19th, 2013

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