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KSPN Spotlight Sessions

 The Roaring Fork Valley is home to some incredible live music venues, attracting world class musicians from all over the globe.  When they come to town, the play here first, at the KSPN Studios.  Everything from your favorite Grammy winning bands to the garage band right in your neighborhood, check them out on the KSPN Spotlight Sessions!

Sponsored by Perri’s Collision Auto Repair and Refinishing.


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HoneyHoney "throbs like vintage Johnny Cash... Uncompromisingly beautiful." -American Songwriter ---Video Courtesy of Aspen 82

"Matisyahu's Akeda is the kind of album an artist makes when there is no other creative choice but to turn oneself inside-out, to scrape the insides and reveal everything raw. This impulse is what makes Akeda his most self-reflective and purely conceived album." -Huffington Post ---Video Courtesy of Aspen82

LA Music Blog writes, "Moon Taxi's Spencer Thompson's guitar work is like Rage’s Tom Morello meets Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler meets Queen’s Brian May; in other words, he’s captivating." Video Courtesy of Aspen 82

"Sir Mix-a-Lot likes to call Jones the “King of Seattle,” and while it’s too early to anoint him, Jones nevertheless has managed to elevate himself into the conversation on Seattle rock royalty." -Seattle Times

"Jake Bugg an artist who is crazy fully formed, stepping into a journey that should be worth following. Bugg is making artisanal folk rock with Whole Foods-scale ambition. On a table sagging with big-box pop, it's a small revelation." - Will Hermes, Rolling Stone Magazine. Video courtesy of Aspen 82

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