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KSPN Spotlight Sessions

 The Roaring Fork Valley is home to some incredible live music venues, attracting world class musicians from all over the globe.  When they come to town, the play here first, at the KSPN Studios.  Everything from your favorite Grammy winning bands to the garage band right in your neighborhood, check them out on the KSPN Spotlight Sessions!

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"Cracker's newest album ‘Berkeley to Bakersfield’ is not only a fine return, but over its two discs, Lowery and company manage to take the listener on a bit of a road trip. Fortunately, and not surprisingly, both sides of that coin show the band shining bright." --Video Courtesy of Aspen 82

Martin Sexton figures the title of his eighth studio album, Mixtape of the Open Road, says it all. "The concept of this record is that it's the mixtape, just like when your friends knew you were taking that California trip and wanted to inspire you along the way,"

Look out for Keller Williams' new album Vape which in Keller's own words is "high pressured life shot through my favorite original songs in a low pressured atmosphere. Out comes a highly concentrated music that can be heated up and inhaled through your ears. Vape.”

Dirty Heads newest album, Sound of Change, taps into some of the best producers around, and the album is just what it says it is: an expansion of sound with tracks varying from club bangers to rap tracks to pop hits, all while maintaining their feel good vibe. -Guitar World Magazine ---Video Courtesy of Aspen 82

"Well-crafted and unfailingly likable, Franti's music hints at his activist-sage roots; check out the apocalypse-minded, Matrix-produced rap-along "11:59." For those who plan to go down dancing, he's a solid man to have on the mic." -Rolling Stone

"Clare's voice drips with the brassy confidence and implied stylistic reverence of ladies' men like Bruno Mars, and Mayer Hawthorne, call it GQ funky" -Pitchfork

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