Brandon Blocker

Brandon Blocker : Weekday Mornings

Weekday Mornings

Brandon Blocker is another one of those native Texans who decided to call Colorado home. An avid music fan, Brandon graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Environmental Science, but spent his spare time following the Grateful Dead and his summers as a guide on the Royal Gorge stretch of the Arkansas River (Sorry Mom!). He then embarked upon a career as a television sports broadcaster covering every major sporting event from the World Series to NCAA championships and everything in-between.
Throughout all of this, Aspen continued to call him . . . and eventually, Brandon listened and now you can too Monday through Friday on KSPN from 6am-10am.

Ryan Koster

Ryan Koster : Weekday Afternoons

Weekday Afternoons

Childhood - A product of the Roaring Fork Valley, I remained unexposed to lift lines and TGI Friday's for most of my youth
Age - Old enough to not get the skinny jeans fad
College - University of Colorado Boulder, BA in Business, Minor in Interstate-70 Ski Traffic Navigation
Pets - Proud owner of the “awesomest” rescue Chihuahua on the planet
Why radio? - Look at the size of my nose, seriously, forget about TV
A few things you might not know about me - After a successful career as a baby food model, I invested my entire savings in the launch of Crystal Pepsi. Broke, I joined Kenny G's "I’m too Saxy Tour" as a clarinet tech, and traveled the world
Quote - "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room, brah"