New Botched Patient Samantha Has a Nipple in Her Armpit & Wants It Fixed–STAT!

Can the Botched doctors fix this side boob?

In this clip from Wednesday’s all-new episode, new patient Samantha details how a birth defect resulted in her having a nipple in her armpit. According to Samantha, her parents realized at a young age that she had the symptoms of Poland syndrome.

“Poland syndrome is a rare, congenital birth defect that affects your chest wall muscles,” Samantha explains to the Botched camera. “I’m missing some of the pectoralis muscles in my chest and I’ve also got the nipple placement that’s way in my armpit.”

As time went on, Samantha reveals she began to develop fears that she would be “made out to be this weirdo.” Thus, at 11 years old, Samantha met with a doctor to discuss options.

“So my mom brought me in and he said our best bet was to do an expander—which is an inflatable kind of implant so that we could start manipulating the skin,” the new patient adds.

This procedure was done so that Samantha’s chest would be ready to “take an implant” when she got older. At 18, Samantha received two permanent implants, but the previous surgeon decided not to tackle the nipple placement.

Regardless, Samantha didn’t get to enjoy her new breasts for very long.

“I came out of surgery with nice, big boobs,” Samantha concludes. “I was ready to show them off and make up for the years that I didn’t feel comfortable, but I got to enjoy them for about a year before I got pregnant and they started changing.”

Will Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif be able to help her?

Hear all about Samantha’s case in the clip above!

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via:: E! Online