Statement on today’s morning broadcast

In regards to our station KIFT this morning, what we know at this time is that a Studio Transmitter Link for our station, which is Internet enabled, was hacked earlier today.  For approximately an hour and a half, programming from a podcast unrelated to our normal programming was broadcast on a booster of KIFT.  The main signal of KIFT was not affected, but the booster station was broadcasting the podcast programming, some of which was inappropriate for broadcast use.  Our station was unable to regain control over the STL until the station engineer actually traveled to the remote transmitter site, and reprogrammed the system from that location.

We use industry standard closed systems for our STL and are unsure how this was able to happen.  We are working with equipment manufacturers and auditing the security of our own systems to avoid any repeats of this incident. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where hacking is becoming and increasingly bigger problem. We would urge other broadcast outlets to be aware of the possibilities and to take precautions. We sincerely apologize for to our listeners for the content of the broadcast and are doing everything possible to ensure that is doesn’t happen again.

KIFT Management