Middle Park High School club raises $2,000 for water sanitation

Middle Park High School’s Interact Club has been working hard to fundraise this year, even through a pandemic.

The students chose this year to fundraise globally, but also kept the local community in mind. The club chose to fundraise for La China, Nicaragua, to help with water sanitation.

“We knew that this school we were trying to help was really struggling with their water sanitation, and so we decided to help,” Interact Club President Brianna Renteria said.

In partnership with El Porvenir, the students set a goal of $2,000 to send to Nicaragua in order to build three latrines. Fundraising included the Blizzard Fest, a winter community festival, where the club raised $500.

With the help of the Winter Park-Fraser Rotary Club, Grand Lake Rotary Club and El Provenir partner Spirit of Christ the students were able to cash match the remaining money.

“We proudly say that we have sent out those $2,000 out to Nicaragua and hope good things come from it!” Renteria said.

The student club also donated another $500 to the Mountain Family Center this year, which included funds raised by previous Interact Clubs.