Pole Creek Ladies return to course

The Pole Creek Ladies golf league kicked off the new season with a Nassau Tournament on Thursday. The large group was eager to reunite and welcome new members as they enjoyed a splendid day.

Prizes were awarded for Low Gross and Low Net for the front nine, back nine and overall 18. The winners were (Low Gross 18) 1. Mary Byerrum, 87; 2. Lori Myers, 88; (Low Net 18) 1. Diane Bishop, 71; 2. Darlene Klancke, 72; (Low Gross, front nine) Maggy Helm, 44; (back nine) Deb Kohlwey, 44; (Low Net, front nine) Linda Wenzek-Barth, 34; (Back 9) Nancy Carmack, 34; Susan Odneal and Andrea Singleton shared the chip in pot; and Lori Myers had the fewest putts with 28.