Reeves: Students adapt to distance learning in surprising ways

Great virtual happenings in East Grand schools the week of April 17.

• EGMS is planning a “Virtual Spirit Week” upcoming soon. Stay tuned for details.

• GES kindergartener Javin Scott has been working on building a vehicle using his at-home Maker Station sent to him by his teacher, Mrs. Devore. We are excited that kindergarteners are still experiencing project-based learning and STEM during this adventure in distance learning.

• Students in first and second grade music made up their own lyrics to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and they had a lot of fun with that. A lot of music students have been dancing and singing along with Mrs. Veraldo’s videos on her Music Google Classroom page. Some of the music activities for kids include symphony instruments learning, musicians and reading music. We have decided to do the fifth grade musical online. We will be putting on a virtual musical. We strongly believe that we are going to get through this!!!

• A reminder, the Grand County Library District has reopened with the ability to drive through and pick up reading materials.

• EGMS is providing online track practice workouts. Currently, there are 41 kids signed up.

• Students in the MPHS Entrepreneurship Club are finding opportunities amidst the abnormality of COVID-19. Each week students in the club are having an hour online discussion with experts across the country.

Before spring break, students met with Todd Spain, who is involved in multiple companies that leverage technology to bring value to customers. He is also the president of Grand Innovators, a local business incubation group that is working with the county to provide innovative solutions for the future.

During Spain’s time with the club, students pondered the future of business and how the current economic crisis presents opportunities for entrepreneurs. On Monday, the club held their second conference call with guest speaker Jed Emerson.

Emerson is an internationally recognized leader who focuses on impact investing and social entrepreneurship. His book, “The Purpose of Capital,” is a reimagining of how society interacts with capital. During the conversation with Emerson, students discussed how businesses could have a higher purpose beyond the simple task of making money.

They also discussed what the future will look like and how this time period is an opportunity to “pause and think” about how we will guide our intentions after normalcy returns. The purpose of these meetings is to keep students engaged with entrepreneurial ideas, and to use this time as an opportunity to network with people from around the world.

• As per Gov. Jared Polis’ order, Kathy Naples is making fabric face masks for the general public.

• A message from a parent to Mrs. Manyak about home economics and making perfect pancakes. Bree has been testing all kinds of different pancake recipes. Had to improvise yesterday when she ran out of flour. She used cornmeal and oats.

• From GES physical education teacher Maggie Keller: I just wanted to share a nice surprise. I was on with my second grade Google Classroom yesterday. I invited the kids individually and to my surprise a bunch of them joined right away.

My double surprise was the joy I experienced reading their comments. I teared up because this told me is that they are hungry to communicate with us and each other. I didn’t think I would be so emotional communicating online, but I really do think this is the next best thing.

• Parents and students: You all are doing some incredible work from home. Keep it up. We miss you and can’t wait to see you all again.