Letter: Is Grand County’s COVID-19 case count really accurate?

Sitting in the safety of our cozy Grand County homes, we’ve recently been given plenty of time to ponder. For us local residents and business owners, is it possible for you to clarify your latest COVID-19 article regarding Grand County Public Health’s attempt to submit a variance request?

What is the premise of the requested variance? Five patients’ permanent residences “are in other counties” so they were not included in Grand County’s total case count. Correct? But were they “patients” in our Grand County health system and perhaps were they living in their second-homes here during the Colorado shutdown? Or in VRBOs, which supposedly are in a closed status, but frequently inhabited by friends and family?

The “patients” potentially could have purchased local produce and gas and coffee and interacted with us locals too, yet they’re not “counted” in our local risk factors? Is our total case count really transparent and accurate? What are we doing to establish a careful contact tracing team? Grand County needs to continue to be a safe oasis.

— Avis Gray, Grand Lake