Letter to the editor: Letter to the editor misrepresents coronavirus case data

Robert Dudney’s letter to the editor clearly aims to use data to argue that we should be opening up the county sooner but disregards the reality that there haven’t been enough tests available to sufficiently test our community. Only yesterday was it announced that any residents showing symptoms can now be tested.

That the number of new test-confirmed cases is flat is meaningless without data reflecting that we’re testing enough to cover everyone who has symptoms or may have been exposed (which should be determined by contact tracing).

The “extreme social restrictions” that one can infer he would like to stop, are the very thing keeping the infection rate down. Opening up the county too soon will cause the infection rate to rise, and without social distancing, infections will grow exponentially.

There’s an argument to be had about acceptable risk versus safety, but it should be based on accurate representations of the data.

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