Letter to the editor: Progressives are always told: ‘America: Love it or leave it’

I am a baby boomer who lived through the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and other progressive leaders followed by the discussion of the need for gun control. I lived through the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War and its protests, the Watergate scandal and the birth of the environmental movement. I lived through the resulting divides these issues brought to the American people and the general distrust of the government and big business.

I made a choice to become progressive. Dressed in blue jeans and wearing my hair long, I was often told, “America: Love it or leave it.” Which leads me to wonder to this day why when a progressive doesn’t like what the government is doing, they are told: “America: Love it or leave it.” But when a conservative doesn’t like where the government is going, it’s always because “it’s not American to do that.”

via:: Summit Daily