Letter to the editor: This moment is a sea change that might save our country

I am perplexed. Does letter writer Les Caplan really believe that only left-wing radicals are so incensed by racial injustice, in fact murder, that they are compelled to take to the streets? Does he think that only crazed “progressives” think it’s important to respect others’ lives enough that they would stay at home (until only this horrific moment) until the pandemic passes? (Perhaps only these “lefties” believe that one purpose of government is to help everyone through this difficult social, medical and economic time!) Is wearing a mask as a kindness and protection to others when one has to “go public” a liberal plot?

I’d like to think better. I honestly believe I know some political conservatives who believe in science and the need to not spread disease unnecessarily and who recognize the institutional racism that is so much part of our lives that we fail to see our own privilege. I can only believe that this is true and that this moment is a sea change that might save our beloved country.

via:: Summit Daily