Letter to the editor: Vote Bob Rankin for Colorado Senate District 8

The education of Coloradans is something I’ve been deeply committed to for decades. Serving as president of the University of Colorado for 11 years gave me significant insight into the issue. I want the best for our students, regardless of party politics or any crises we face.

Our education system is facing unprecedented challenges brought about by COVID-19. We need an experienced leader who can step up to those challenges. That’s why I endorse Sen. Bob Rankin to continue as our state senator. Rankin’s commitment to funding and improving our education institutions and community resources, including early childhood and adult education, has been remarkable. He has been a champion for both K-12 and higher education on the Legislature’s Joint Budget Committee. As recently as last week, he worked to rewrite the state’s higher education funding bill, garnering support from all higher education institutions. Rankin is conservative and prudent, but he also understands that investments in education have a substantial return for Colorado.

Several years ago, Rankin’s dedication to improving educational opportunities led him to start a working group of legislators to more closely examine educational issues. Their work led to improvements to financing K-12 schools. Its outgrowth, the Education Leadership Council (which Rankin still chairs), has worked to set a vision for the educational future and has influenced legislative and budget issues.

We face massive tasks that demand strong leadership requiring real bipartisan, visionary leadership. We must roll up our sleeves and get to work, and Rankin will be at the front of that line. Few have the necessary skills and experience to be effective in this fight. Rankin does.

Please join me in supporting and reelecting Rankin to the Colorado Legislature.

via:: Summit Daily