Letter to the editor: Vote Debra Irvine for Colorado Senate District 8

We have two candidates competing in the June 30 Republican Party primary this year. Though it may seem unusual to challenge the incumbent, this year we absolutely must do so. Debra Irvine is without question the best person to represent her home county, Summit, as well as the many other communities that comprise our state senate district. Irvine is tireless, consistent, committed, conservative and wise! Many people know this, including the majority of the 139 Republican delegates representing the seven counties of Senate District 8 who voted for her at the assembly in April, ensuring that she would get on the ballot and be listed first. She is a dedicated public servant with the knowledge, skills, experience, energy, time and passion that is needed to serve our district that encompasses over 17,000 square miles. Her competitor is an interesting character with a track record as a state representative that is more aligned with his Democratic colleagues than his constituents or the party he supposedly represents. This is especially concerning as he serves on the appropriations and joint budget committees. Now more than ever do we need to be fiscally responsible! This is only his second session as a state senator, having narrowly defeated Irvine to win appointment to complete the Senate District 8 term of former state Sen. Randy Baumgardner. Prior to that appointment, he was a state representative, representing Carbondale. His record speaks for itself. So does Irvine’s: She’s on the record for her support of the fossil fuel industry, Second Amendment rights, education, water rights, mental health and the ski industry. She loves our community and our country. A vote for Irvine will come with no surprises, and that’s a comforting thought right now!

via:: Summit Daily