Letter to the editor: Vote for Debra Irvine in Senate District 8 primary

I am writing in support of Debra Irvine for Senate District 8.

Her beliefs and observations are in keeping with a philosophy that is representative of the intellectual pursuit of common sense of a true conservative. 

The appointed incumbent, Sen. Bob Rankin, was ushered into the seat last year. Was it a feat of political maneuvering that entailed calling in chits from good ol’ boys power brokers and lobbyists in Denver?

He claims to be a conservative, but if you spend some time looking at his voting record, it appears that he has sheep’s clothing.

Ask yourself why he lost the recent caucus vote, by a substantial margin, during a vote of the district committee members of the GOP, if he truly is serving his constituents?

We in Senate District 8 have been inundated with slick copy bulk mailing cards intended to polish his “conservative” image. In fact, these have been paid by Coloradans for Constitutional Values and United for Colorado, which proports to be nonpartisan/independent political action committee. If so, how did they get such polished pictures of Rankin?

These organizations are affiliated with the Brewer Foundation and Unite America, fronted by Jeffery Carson. Are there liberal interest ties and affiliations with organizers and activists, including ties to the past D.C. administration?

Why does Rankin claim to be a resident of Carbondale, but he and his spouse spend the majority of their lives in the residence they own in Denver, only renting an address in Carbondale? Notice that his advertised published phone number is 303-866-5292. For someone who is from the Western Slope, why wouldn’t he have a phone number that reflects such. Why don’t you give Rankin a call and see if he picks up or you just get a recorded message?

via:: Summit Daily