PowerSchool and Microsoft bring EdTech Showcase to Keystone June 10 to 13

The new interior of Snowy Peaks Junior and Senior High School, July 2015. Powerschool and Microsoft will bring the interactive travelling EdTech showcase to Keystone from June 10 to 13.
Courtesy Snowy Peaks High School

PowerSchool, a provider of K-12 education technology solutions, and Microsoft will bring their interactive traveling EdTech Showcase to Keystone June 10 to 13. The hands-on traveling display demonstrates the usefulness of integrated software tools in education. Visitors can see firsthand how schools in Colorado and across the U.S. are using unified technology in the classroom.

The EdTech Showcase highlights a sampling of teaching, learning and home experiences. Visitors can participate in six hands-on stations as teachers, administrators, students and parents to see how Microsoft and PowerSchool education tools work together to enhance the educational experience.

The display also includes STEM activities like learning how to code with Microsoft MakeCode projects, bringing real-time collaboration to life with Microsoft Whiteboard and empowering independent learning with Microsoft Learning Tools by setting a reading preferences.

The EdTech showcase will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. outside Keystone Resort, along Lone Pine Road at 100 Dercum Square in Keystone.

via:: Summit Daily