2019 Fall TV Preview: Everything You Need to Know About Your Favorite Shows

2019 Fall TV Preview

ABC; NBC; CBS; The CW/E! Illustration

It’s time to accept the fact that summer is almost over, and so is all your primetime free time. 

The big five networks are about to launch their fall shows in the next couple of weeks, meaning we finally get resolutions to so many cliffhangers and answers to so many questions and all our friends are back in our lives again. Will Meredith Grey go to jail? Is Jughead Jones alive? Why is Ziva David back? Will Lena and Kara’s friendship survive? 

All those questions and more are addressed here, thanks to a compilation of exclusive statements, premiere descriptions, and some intriguing new pictures. 

Below, you’ll find scoop for a handful of returning shows. If you click right here on our full gallery, you can get scoop for all of the fall shows on ABC, NBC, The CW, Fox, and CBS. It’s a plethora of info! 

We’ve also got you covered on the full fall premiere date schedule, and a rundown of days and times that each show will air each week over the season. 

Stay tuned for all the scoop on the new shows as well, which you can get a taste of with our new show gallery. 

And if you’re still not feeling prepared for fall TV, then we suggest a nap. We always suggest a nap. 

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