Letter: Let’s do commissioners’ job for them

Politicians hate ballot initiatives. They think we’re trying to tell them how to do their jobs. Well, yes, when our elected officials fail to provide for our necessities, the electorate has to step in. 

That’s why ballot initiative 6A, which would increase property taxes to fund keeping Garfield County’s libraries open seven days a week, is necessary. The county commissioners have tied library hours directly to the revenues that come from oil and gas production.

Industry activity in the county is slumping, so the library is open less often. I assume when oil and gas production ceases entirely, as it eventually must, our libraries will disappear with it. Meanwhile, the county is sending money, money that could be used to keep the libraries open, to Texas to promote the industry.

I can see why Garfield County’s elected officials wouldn’t want a well-read electorate. Anyone who’s opened a book recently knows of the catastrophic effects of climate change that is caused by the consumption and extraction of fossil fuels. The climate change deniers and fossil fuel promoters in our county government wouldn’t likely be re-elected by such enlightened voters.

The Garfield County libraries have taught this technologically challenged baby boomer everything he knows about computers, and for free. I know a guy in Aspen who charges $100 an hour for computer tutoring.

Let’s vote for ballot initiative 6A and show the Garfield County commissioners how much we’ve learned by voting them out of office.

Fred Malo Jr.


via:: Post Independent