Letter: Vouchers are only fair way to finance eduction

Over many years I have participated in the public-school system in several different ways. I was certified as a secondary school teacher in Colorado and Kansas. I worked as a substitute during the winter months when farming was slow. I served on the Re-2 school board for nine years. I was also a university trustee but now am only honorary. Several of my family were professional teachers, and one daughter and son-in-law started, and continue to operate, a private school.

I am deeply disappointed at what public education has become. The public schools have taken many of what we knew as parental rights. Teaching of sexuality and gender identity options is totally disgusting. Singling out Christianity for eliminating and accommodating other religions is highly discriminatory.

Whether we agree or not with the way public education is going, we still must pay for it though our property taxes. I believe property tax is confirmation that the government really owns what you believe is your property. Just stop paying that tax (lease) and they come take it away from you and “sell” it.

The other problem I have is that that tax pays for public schools, and you are obligated to pay even if your children are attending a private school for which you are also paying. You are also paying these taxes, even if you have no children.

The only really fair way to finance education would be for every legitimate American youngster to get a voucher for 12 years of education, spendable at a school of their choice, religious, public or private, at any time in their life.
If Hell freezes over, I will expect that to happen.

Ross L. Talbott
New Castle

via:: Post Independent