‘Woodsock’ Charity Concert to Benefit Homeless, Feature ‘American Idol’ Contestant

While Woodstock 50 never made it off the ground, the organization Knock Knock Give a Sock — which provides socks to homeless people — will host a mini-music fest and fundraiser aptly called “Woodsock” on September 15th at Zanger Hall in New York City.

The event will feature performances from musicians who are living in homes or homeless shelters, or have previously experienced homelessness. Among them is Dennis Lorenzo, a Philadelphia musician who was homeless for several years but eventually got his music career off the ground and made it to the Top 10 of American Idol during Season 18.

Other performers include Harry Stewart, who has been living in a homeless shelter as he’s pursued music since his release from prison; The Next Stop, a group of subway artists and buskers; and Adri and Oli, a duo featuring one artist who overcame cancer and another who previously experienced homelessness. The eclectic Woodsock lineup also features Mexican theatre artist Bianca Marroquin, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Kate Yeager and the Long Island-based outfit East Love.

Knock Knock Give a Sock is hosting Woodsock in partnership with Love, Music, Shelter, a feature film about homelessness and music, whose creative team also helped find artists for the event. Tickets for Woodsock are on sale now.

via:: Rolling Stone