Here at the Ski Country Radio Ranch, we get to talk to some amazing artists and songwriters. We’d like to introduce you to Kendell Marvel. His name may not ring a bell, but you most certainly have heard his work. He’s an award-winning singer/songwriter in Nashville, and he is the real deal.

Ever heard George Strait’s “Twang”?

Or, how about Gary Allan’s “Right Where I Need To Be”?

Written by Kendell.

How about “Either Way” from Chris Stapleton?
Yep, you guessed it. Kendell again. Those are just a few in a long list of hit records he’s had his hand in writing.

Listen to BT’s interview with Kendell about his past, the state of the country music coming out of Nashville, and a lot more…

In October 2017, he released his first full album titled “Lowdown & Lonesome”. Listen to the title track:

Listen to the first single off his new album “Solid Gold Sounds” out October 11th, 2019:

Visit Kendell’s website to listen and learn more, and be sure to pre-order his new album “Solid Gold Sounds” out October 11th wherever you get your music.