Artists, poets produce as science fair goes virtual

Seventh-grader Keaton Fox was tasked with creating an art project emulating the work of Andy Goldsworth, and the student produced a piece honoring local fire departments by using wood and rocks.
Courtesy EGSD

Great happenings in East Grand Schools the weeks of May 15-22.

• Please check the newspaper next week for information and details about our Graduation Parade from 10 a.m. to noon May 30.

• There was a tremendous outpouring for teacher appreciation week. For a video of students thanking their teachers during teacher appreciation week, go to

• Granby Elementary is hosting a virtual science fair. We have students who have submitted scientific method projects, engineering projects and research projects. Many of the students had science fair projects already ready so students have been making videos of their project to post on our science fair website.

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It is amazing to see what they have been working on. We have some local businesses that have donated special awards. Mountain Parks Electric donated the Best Overall Project award and the Best Energy Project award. Grand County 4-H has donated the Best Fourth Grade Engineering Project award and the Best Fifth Grade Engineering Project award.

Colorado Headwaters Land Trust has donated the Best Environmental Project award and Fraser Medical Clinic has donated the Best Life Science Project award. We look forward to partnering with these businesses to hand out these awards to these hard working kids next week!

• Seventh-grader Keaton Fox’s art project assignment was to choose from one of two artists and emulate their work. He picked Andy Goldsworth and had to use natural materials to create a sculpture that was large enough for people to see.

In his driveway, he created his interpretation of the Maltese Cross symbol for fire departments by using wood and rocks. His inspiration came from his dad, who is a volunteer on Grand Fire Protection District, also known as the Granby Fire Department.

• Juniors and seniors have been reading, analyzing, and writing poetry in Mrs. Mears’ English classes. April was National Poetry Month, and as a culminating project, they are creating a poetry Google Slide presentation. They are doing a great job at writing poetry. Here are a few senior poems:

Mountains are big.

Trails weaving and turning.

Mountains are big.

Water falling and churning.

Mountains are big.

Sunsets are burning.

Mountains are big

Trees green and growing

Mountains are big

Nature is calling

— Sam Parker

Arrogance is Pestilence

But is vital to achieving certain goals

Some people remain weary throughout life

Like newborn foals

I’m not saying humility isn’t important

But its place is periodic

If one is to bow down to their peers

Is to surrender their identity

What we determine will make us happy

Is found in the inner voice

Listen or ignore, ´tis your choice

— Owen Grissom


Sunshine shining down

Brings happiness all around,

Kids playing outside all day

They’ll stay outside till the sky is gray.

Happiness is like a smile

When it comes it stays a while,

Lots of flowers, trees, and bees

When you have this happiness is a breeze.

Happiness is like a sunrise in the morning

It’s also little kids spending the day exploring,

Last but not least happiness is you and me

Spending the day together as free as could be.

— Jessica Dorn

The days are getting warmer

The nights are getting longer

Our lives are changing

We will soon be at peace in a new place

Wondering why high school had to be a race

Some will be eating Ramen to cure our hunger

Some will do push ups for having hunger

Some will have new friends they hold in a special place

But deep down we’ll all dream we had high school for longer

We’ll all be different but our home will always be here, this is our place

— Wyatt Hoskins

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