Dillon Ice Castles open Saturday

The Dillon Ice Castles, a unique winter attraction, will open on Saturday, Dec. 28.
Hugh Carey / [email protected]

DILLON — The highly anticipated winter attraction in Dillon, the Ice Castles, is finally ready to open on Saturday, Dec. 28. Tickets can be purchased on icecastles.com on Thursday, Dec. 26. 

“Ice artisans in Dillon are working around the clock to get the attraction ready for Saturday’s grand opening. The acre-sized interactive experience will feature ice-carved tunnels, fountains, slides, frozen thrones, and cascading towers of ice embedded with color-changing LED lights,” Ice Castles stated in a press release. 

The Ice Castles have been worked on by ice artisans for the last four weeks and this is the third year the castles have been built in Dillon, which is one of the six locations in which you can find the Ice Castles.

via:: Sky-Hi News