Winter Park satellite clinic looks to expand dermatology care for locals

Cathy Pacocha, Physician’s Assistant for Ideal Dermatology, examines a mole on the shoulder of office manager Monika Heid.
McKenna Harford / [email protected]

Whether it’s a suspicious mole, acne concerns or a desire to delay wrinkles, a new dermatology practice has opened up in Winter Park to address Grand County residents’ needs.

Ideal Dermatology, a Boulder-based clinic, has partnered with Byers Peak Family Medicine to offer skin services one day a week beginning this spring. Cathy Pacocha, a certified Physician’s Assistant and Grand County local, said she is trying to fill a gap by providing services locally.

“We opened in March just to have a derm presence every week,” Pacocha said. “My mission is simply to provide consistent dermatology care to the local community.”

Most of the services Pacocha provides are related to general medical dermatology, such as skin cancer screenings, taking care of rashes or acne and removing moles, but she also offers cosmetic Botox.

She added that skin education is an important aspect of her job, which is why she participates in the 9Health Fairs, held annually in Grand County and around the state, and occasionally provides free skin screenings to local teachers.

Because of Grand County’s high altitude and active outdoor community, Pacocha said it’s particularly important for locals to be cognizant of their skin and have dermatological options available for when they are needed. She recommends visiting a dermatologist when new spots of concern arise, for ongoing skin issues and regular annual skin screenings.

“The skin is the biggest organ in the body, so we say as you get your annual physical every year, get your annual skin physical every year,” she said. “The most common places to have skin cancer a lot of times are in places where people aren’t going to necessarily see it.”

Not only does her office’s presence in the county mean weekly access to a dermatology expert, but also that Pacocha and her team have expanded the offerings currently available to residents.

While spas and salons can be ideal for certain skin concerns, Pacocha has access to specialty pharmacies and prescriptions through Ideal Dermatology, as well as the expertise of her colleagues in the various satellite offices in the state. This also allows her to easily refer patients when they need a service that isn’t provided in Winter Park.

“I can, with (a patient) sitting here, take photos and get on the computer and chat with them in live time,” Pacocha said. “So, we have a whole collaboration with a really great group of doctors.”

Ideal Dermatology is open at Byers Peak Family Medicine, located at 78878 Highway 40 in Winter Park, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every Wednesday.

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