This Is How a Four-Year-Old Song Could Reach No. 1

What took you so long, Luke Combs?

We already knew full well that Combs fit right in with Brooks & Dunn, because of his collaboration with the legendary duo on their Reboot of “Brand New Man.”

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And now, the three of them are singing together again on a track from Combs’ new album What You See Is What You Get that could easily be another No. 1 song.

“Does anybody in Green Bay like drinking songs? I just want to write a song that I feel like my 90s country heroes would be proud of. And I hope they’d be proud of this,” Combs said of the song during a recent show in Wisconsin.

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And in a new radio interview, Combs admits that the drinkin’ song is far from brand new.

“’1, 2 Many’ was an idea I’d had in my phone for a while. My and my stage-left guitar player Tyler King wrote that chorus probably four years ago in my first apartment that I lived in in Nashville,” he explains.

“I tried to write the verses with a couple different folks, and nothing really ever came of it. I couldn’t really find a direction that I liked or a melody that I loved. I really did struggle with it for a while, and a couple buddies of mine were out writing on the road, Dan Isbell and Drew Parker.

“And I said, ’Hey, I’ve had this thing forever, let’s try to take a stab at it.’ We started working on the verses and finally came up with a melody that we liked. I think I went in to play the show, and then I come back and they’re like, ’Oh man.’ They had just put in a ton of work on the song by the time I got back and I guess they probably had it three quarters of the way done by the time I got back. It was just really going in the right direction, and we polished it off that night and, you know, that’s it,” Combs shared.

On Friday (Nov. 8), Dunn shared his own thoughts on the young star’s authenticity, talent and destiny.

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