Best Places to get a cup of Java in Aspen

By Jillian Livingston, 

Where the weather may be indeterminate, one thing is constant and that is the ability to get a hot and steamy cup of java and have good conversations with friends.

Aspen has quite a few places of which to choose from, other than Starbucks, and here are my choices:

  • Jour de Fete

Owned by locals, Olivier and Amy Mottier, Jour de Fete is a French Cafe located close to The Gondola Plaza. Here one can sit in the mornings and watch the locals stop by to stuff a famous breakfast burrito or chocolate Eclair into their pack before setting out on their daily excursions. The menu includes freshly baked bread, home-style cooking and French Pastries as well as a delicious coffee (Olivier prefers to use what he thinks is the best, Lavazza coffee from Italy, a strong coffee without the bitter taste). For lunch Olivier offers a variety of grains, fish, meats and vegetables so you can create your own plate or if you prefer, make your own sandwich.

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Early Dinner

Hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm Mon-Fri & 7am to 4pm Sat & Sun

Located at 710 East Durant Ave in Aspen (Near City Market)


  • Peach’s Corner Cafe

Peach’s, with possibly the best corner location in Aspen, is a locally operated Café offering food from local vendors. Dive into the social scene where you will see many a laptop dawning a table as casually dressed entrepreneurs hash out ideas over coffee, melted chocolate decadent muffins, breakfast sandwiches and other delicious fare.

Serving Breakfast and Lunch

Hours are Monday-Saturday from 7am to 6pm.

Located on the corner of Hopkins and Galena.


  • Boden’s Butter

Aspen’s first ZGreen Certified Café and Bakery, Boden’s Butter offers gluten free, vegan and delicious naturally baked goods. With a child who is allergic to dairy, soy and eggs, Owner Kelly Hart takes her ingredients seriously whipping up incredible treats, some more healthy than others but most with organic ingredients. Serving Baked Goods and organic packaged products, Delicious Coffees and Smoothies

Hours are Monday – Saturday from 6:30am to 3pm

Located downstairs at 601 East Hopkins Ave, on the corner of Hunt and Hyman, sharing the same building with The Cheese Shop.


  • Victoria’s Expresso Wine Bar & Gourmet Grazing 

All you have to do is read the philosophy statement on their website to see why you should taste their coffee, “The perfect cup distills the true essence of artisanship, since it requires a complete harmony between the skills of the grower, the roaster and the barista. Our challenge is to source the best beans, adjust our grind, tampering, temperature, pressure and timing of our shot to bring out the hidden characters of the beans and to combine this with perfectly integrated steamed milk. This creative process is what we love to use for the enjoyment of our community of customers.” With Australian Owners, one can find many a good looking Aussie at the Cafe enjoying a true Aussie style coffee and a Brekki.

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and light dinner

Hours are 7:30am to 8pm

Located at 510 East Durant, around the corner from Belly Up.


  • ink! Coffee 

A recently remodeled local hang out, ink! Coffee has the best location in town, situated kitty corner from the Gondola. Now offering gourmet sandwiches, salads and pastries, along with healthy baked items, this has become one of my favorite places to hang out, with or without friends for there is always somebody there to engage in conversation with.

Located at 520 East Durant St, across from the gondola under Polo