Beware the New World Order

New Knowledge is the cyber security company that created the Senate report exposing Russian meddling. “The most sweeping analysis yet” found “the operation used every major social platform to help Trump win and are working even harder since his election.”

This single document convinced multitudes that the Russians co-opted Donald, ensured his victory and would take over America. However, Google testified before Congress, swearing that their best estimate of Russian interference was $4,700 spent on ads.

The New York Times reported that Jonathon Morgan, founder of New Knowledge, admitted they had “Orchestrated an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation spreading disinformation that the Moore Senate campaign in Alabama was targeted by a Russian botnet.” Moore lost and last week Morgan was banned from Facebook for spreading misleading information.

The other half of “Russiagate” is the “Steele Dossier,” which the FBI assured us was “salacious and unverified.” Also, overwhelming evidence proves that the Clinton campaign paid for it. End of story, except for Trump haters, who need to rationalize intense emotion.

Seems the Obama administration used the dirty dossier to deceive FISA judges to obtain warrants to spy on Trump. Despotism! Subversion! Thank God for our Justice Department! Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is leading an investigation.

But wait, Rosenstein signed warrants based on the Steele Dossier. He is investigating crimes that he, himself, committed! Rod is a hopelessly compromised swamp creature. A creature Donald would have slain long ago if not for the hysteria that “Russiagate” induced.

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Perhaps lay hatred aside and consider who our real enemy is. Hint: It’s the globalists. No borders, no sovereign, self-governing nations, the New World Order. Which cannot co-exist with a strong, sovereign America. Thus it has waged vicious war with our nation for decades.

Divide and conquer with hate and while “Russiagate” thrives, so too does hate.

Will Kesler

Snowmass Village

via:: The Aspen Times