Jamie Anderson: On-air interview about X Games crash ‘felt harsh’

Jamie Anderson walked away from a serious crash Thursday night at the big air venue, but Friday she wasn’t finished talking about the X Games mishap and an on-air interview breaking down the fall.

Sporting bruises around her eyes, Anderson begrudgingly did an ESPN interview during the men’s ski big air qualifier. Not pleased with being put in that spot, the X Games veteran and most decorated female athlete later took to social media to relay her disappointment.

On Instagram, Anderson posted a photo holding her big air bronze and showing off her bruised face. She failed to land a 1080 and hit face-first on the downslope. She also had a few words about the setup.

“I knew the Big Air jump wasn’t the best all week. We were hoping they would listen to the riders and take into account our feedback on the jump and unfortunately they didn’t,” she wrote. “I pushed myself even though I knew it wasn’t feeling right, cab 9 was fine, but when I went and dialed a front 7, I had no choice but to go for the 10 (so I thought). It felt terrible to have a bad crash in front of everyone, especially my parents watching at home.”

In the post she said she wanted to “hide under a rock and just cry everything out.” However, she mustered the strength to go to the men’s big air ski qualifier and at the base did an interview and watched her crash.

“I was hurt that they decided to interview me on TV during men’s qualifiers, shining light on that crash right as the men were dropping,” she wrote. “It felt harsh after the crash I just had but I’m rising above it all. Thank you all for the love and support!”

During the interview she said she also hurt an ankle and wasn’t sure if she’d be riding Saturday in the slopestyle, which she has won five times and has medaled in 12 consecutive years (minus 2009 when she was out) in Aspen starting with bronze in 2006.

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via:: The Aspen Times