It’s May, It’s Saturday, And Waterparks Just Tweeted The Word “Fandom” At 7pm


Okay, so remember how back in March Waterparks tweeted this, without any context?


It’s now May. It’s a Saturday. And at 7pm both Waterparks and Awsten Knight tweeted the word “fandom”.

They also hinted that something was coming at 7pm on their ads which were placed inside the main arena at Slam Dunk (where they played the main stage earlier today).

But what does ‘Fandom’ mean? What does it represent?! Clearly this is a big and important piece of the Waterparks puzzle, because they’ve been planning to do this for two months. 

Is it a new single? Could it be the fabled ‘F’ album title? Or has Awsten just summoned the Parx fandom? Whatever it is, the Green Era is properly underway now.

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via:: Rock Sound News